Expertise and guarantee

Let our expert auctioneers guide you.

Auctioneers : art professionals here for you

Bargain-hunt in good faith objects guaranteed by art and auction professionals. With a degree in law and in art history, auctioneers detain a demanding diploma and are your chosen intermediaries to buy and sell an object with your eyes closed. 

Professionals by your sides : guaranteed authenticity

Objects and artworks are authenticated and certified by auctioneers and their experts. Their expertise is well-known for their accuracy and seriousness on the art market. 

Auctioneers give their word for five years

Auctioneers are subject to strict rules and a precise Code of Conduct.

The public authority for auction regulation, the Conseil des Ventes, as a public interest entity, insures the protection of the sellers and the buyers and the respect of the rules and regulations. Furthermore, the Conseil des Ventes has a disciplinary role upon the sales' operators. 

The auctioneers engage their responsibility for 5 years.