How to make industrial furniture go well with your interior decoration ?

How to integrate industrial furniture in your house for a trendy decoration

What is the industrial style ?

You have to go back in time and to cross the Atlantic Ocean to understand the beginning of the industrial style : it comes from the fordism and the mechanics production from the 30's in the United States. Furniture created at this time is then made on a production line, with solidity as a main feature.

Raw materials (especially metal and wood), simple lines, functional structures, the industrial style is an echo to the workplace. 

Which pieces of industrial furniture for your interior?

The industrial furniture's sobriety and neutral colour allows it to be integrated into any type of interior. The materials - wood, metal, leather - and the grey, brown or black tones, give some character to this furniture in order to create, with some appropriate pieces, a loft ambiance, without being too cold or too impersonal. 

Thus, you can choose a central piece of furniture (a coffee table with a metal structure, a kitchen island with a solid wood board, an architect desk with a steel base) that imitates the industrial codes with a wood and metal combination, or a brown leather sofa, used as time passes by.

The industrial decoration also in the children bedroom 

bureau 800 Jean Prouvé enchères Yellow Peacock

Desk n°800 on auction on Bidtween by the House "Yellow Peacock"

You can also let the industrial trend enter your child's bedroom, with furniture that will remind you the old classrooms. Thus, a schoolchild desk such as the 800 model created in the 50's by Jean Prouvé, on sale on Bidtween, will fit perfectly. This is a great name for a small design offered on auction by Yellow Peacock.

After he opens his workshop in 1924, Prouvé designs and produces modern metal and wood pieces of furniture, and works with the greatest designers at the time, such as Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand. Inspired by aircraft aesthetics, he conceives reduced but daring forms, and insists on the social and economical use of steel and aluminium.

This steel schoolchild desk with a green patina and a wooden seat and board, stands on a compass base giving an aerial and light impression to the all piece of furniture. What is interesting is the praticality of the rack to put all your child's stuff, and the scalable side of this piece of furniture : you can adjust the height of the seat and the desk, they can be lifted up as the child grows up.


Accessories for an industrial decoration 

You can also invest in some accessories for your interior. You can furnish your office with a metal industrial lamp with an articulated arm, your living room with a clear glass ceiling light, your bathroom with a metal wall lamp... You can dare to put an XXL metal clock in the kitchen to give it a factory look, very decorative and practical !

You can try a typical industrial light, for example, with clear glass ceiling lights, an articulated armed standard lamp or even metal wall lamps. Try also furniture combining wood and metal – a coffee table with a storage unit or even an original solid wood shelf with metal details. Go for metal clocks that are very original industrial decoration.

The must have : bricks and workshop glass wall  

You can also spread this industrial touch onto your walls with a brick pattern wallpaper : this trompe l’œil will work perfectly and will give an authentic touch to your interior.

If we look at the architectural codes of the interior of a loft, there is not a lot of partitions. The rooms are opened on one another. You can then open your kitchen into the living room, entirely or partially by putting a metal and glass workshop French window, which, more than being trendy, will bring light to your interior.