Buy street art: info and tips to find you

From the walls of the cities to the cimaises of the most prestigious galleries, now street art is everywhere. And the works of this movement are also now found in your interior. Urban art has been skyrocketing for several years, attesting to the prices of works by Shepard Fairey, JR, Invader... or Banksy. The English artist knows how to talk about him, constantly pushing the codes of creation and the art market. With the self-destruct of Girl with Baloonau during an auction conducted by Sotheby's in London in October 2018, the lighting on street art has again taken on a new importance. If you also want to buy street art, discover on our site many contemporary creations. There is no need to spend thousands of euros to indulge yourself while investing: our site offers you paintings, sculptures, drawings... with a resolutely urban style and at affordable prices.

History of street art

The history of street art is both long and complex. If the beginnings of this movement are traced back to the Philadelphia of the years 60, these historic beginnings are to be sought in antiquity. Graffiti, this form of expression that durably signs the passage and the thought of its author, are already found on the walls of Egyptian pyramids, Greek temples, Roman mansions... 

However, the popularity of street art and the definition of urban art date back to the last century, in the years 70 in New York. Protest, anticonformist, subversive, committed and, most often, illegal, this form of art gradually covers the walls of American, European and world cities with great blows of bombs and aerosols. 

Since the end of the 20thcentury, and especially since the beginning of the 21stcentury, street art has taken the path of museums and galleries. But the street is still a springboard for many artists.

Definition of urban art

If the history of street art is complex, the artistic definition of this movement is just as difficult to establish. It is primarily a street art, often ephemeral, always destined for a broad public, rarely conventional. This form of art involves many techniques: aerosols of paint, but also the stencil, the mosaic, the sticker, the installations, the felt, the posters...

Each artist follows his own approach, his own philosophy, sometimes denouncing a political situation or a social fact, sometimes celebrating a pop icon or an event. Diversity largely characterizes this movement.

Some tips to help you buy a piece of urban art

You will understand that street art is on the rise. Just like the prices. By choosing a contemporary work, your purchase can also be a more or less long-term investment. Here are some tips to guide your choice:

-Form your eye: Get acquainted with works, artists, trends, techniques... in museums, galleries, exhibitions, fairs, books, magazines, Internet sites...

-Follow your tastes and choose a work that reflects your personality and will find its place in your interior

-Learn about the artist's biography and work: the number of exhibitions and places, the names of its collectors, the prices obtained at auctions... are clues of its popularity and its potential to become.

-Study the description of the work: technique, dimensions, support, weight, Certificate of authenticity, unique character of the work... are all elements to know.

Purchase of the Heart: recognized and affordable artists

To make you happy without investing tens of thousands of euros in a Banksy, discover the street artists we have selected for their talent and their potential. 

Let yourself be seduced by the works of Ethan Bang-bang. They sound very original, just like the pseudonym. He draws Posca felt on banknotes of shadoks who no longer end up pumping. And it turns traffic signs into urban tables to hang at home. Rose-Agathe Steiner diverts bank notes from around the world, offering them superheroes, as muscular as they are colorful. For its part, Jazzu proposes another vision of society, more frontal, with graphic, nervous and engaged canvases.

Original, engaged and staggered, these works bring you into the world of street art. Each one is delivered with its Certificate of Authenticity. Discover our different references and indulge yourself with these street artists resolutely anchored in their time.