Buy street art: info and tips to find you

Born on the street and having found his place in the most prestigious galleries, street art was able to acquire his letters of nobility. Over the years, this artistic movement has taken the street, the screens and its works have perfectly found their place in you, enhancing your interior decoration. Popular with many people who have not necessarily had an artistic education, urban art has seen its popularity and its value skyrocketed. As evidenced by the prices displayed on the works of famous artists such as Shepard Fairey, Invader, JR or Bansky, this street-British artist known for his rebellious side. He always knew how to stand out by playing on mystery and provocation. This was the case when, at an auction of one of his works "Girl XIth Ballon", at Sotheby's in London, he proceeded to self-destruct, which probably made her value rise. But be reassured because there are today many works that you can buy at a reasonable price. Discover on our site contemporary works of French and foreign artists, accessible to all.

History of street art

The movement was born in the years 60 in Philadelphia in the United States when two artists Cornbread and Cool Earl launched the art of the street in the form of graffiti. Street art then becomes a real means of expression. Many street artists like JonOne and Miss Tic will later follow the track drawn by the two individuals.

Street art conquered New York about ten years later. In the streets, on the walls, in the metros and in public spaces, this art form, often associated with illegality, is used to pass messages.  Artists, young talents, protesters or anti-conformists express their ideas by means of graffiti, tags, murals, mosaics... But sometimes the boundary between masterpiece and vandalism is thin. At the same time, Pop art follows its ascent.  

The end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century marked an important turn in the history of street art. The doors of the large galleries open up to the art of the street which finds its place in the great art industry. 

Urban art, how to define it?

Given the complexity of its history, giving an artistic definition of urban art is not easy. To make it simple, it is a collection of different artistic forms of disciplines with public destination, rarely conventional and often ephemeral. Many techniques are used by the authors: spray paint, aerosol, mosaic, stencil, poster, installation, Felt, sticker,....

Urban art is a mode of expression used by each artist regardless of the motivation that animates it. 

Our advice for your purchase of urban artwork

Whether you are a lover of contemporary art or take your first steps in the field. Here are some tips for a successful purchase.

1-The pleasure above all: give way to your instinct and the heart. Choose what you like. 

2-Learn about the work, the artist, the prizes,... In short, any hint that can express its level of popularity.

3-Familiarize yourself with the works, discover the artists, techniques, trends etc, do not hesitate to go to the galleries, museums, flea market...

4-Online Art: Online art galleries also allow you to acquire a wide variety of contemporary artworks. 

5-Discover also the lithograph that is more and more accessible today. 

Buy works from known artists but at an affordable price

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