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Getting Started in railway modelling: all stages

Are you planning to start building a rail network? Small network or large infrastructure? Discover our tips and discover lots 50% cheaper {...}

Buy street art: info and tips to find you

From the walls of the cities to the hangings of the most prestigious galleries, now street art is everywhere. And the works of this movement are also now found in {...}

How to choose your fountain pen?

At a time when we have made the habit of writing letters, documents and other missives using a keyboard or touch screen, we would almost forget the feather pens. Yet these instruments still fascinate many collectors.{...}

How to buy authentic African art?

Since artists such as Picasso, Matisse and Duchamp have brought it to light through their works, African art has never ceased to fascinate collectors and amateurs. Masks, statues, fetishes, but also jewellery, musical instruments, weapons... Have invested museums, starting with the one at the Branly Wharf in Paris {...} 

How to restore your collection car?

Still hesitating to buy a race or collection car to be restored at auction? Do not doubt, Reims Classic Auto to the solution! This classic car restoration workshop offers the complete refurbishment of old or modern prestige vehicles. {...}

How to make industrial furniture go well with your interior decoration?

You have to go back in time and to cross the Atlantic Ocean to tell the beginning of the industrial style: it draws its sources from the Fordism and the mechanic's production from the '30s in the United States. Furniture created at this time is then made on a production line, with solidity as the main feature. Raw materials (especially metal and wood), simple lines, functional structures, the industrial style is an echo to the workplace. More

How to sell at auction in France?

You need to get rid of your old things stuck in the attic for so long and you would like to sell them at a good price but you have no idea what they are worth. The best is yet to sell them at auction to get the fair price. With their serious law and cultural skills, the auctioneers that lead this type of sale will be able to bring you precise answers as they can estimate and sell everything. More

How to buy vinyl records?

With the growing presence of streaming music through the internet, a surprising trend is happening. Indeed, vinyl records are coming back from the past with an impressive boom those last 5 years when records’ sales have been tripled according to SNEP *: we went from 988.000 to almost 1,7 million sold records. The trend is also younger as 48% of the sales are made by buyers under 30. To measure up this trend, here are advice to buy a good vinyl record and where to buy it.More

How to clean and keep your Hermès Kelly bag in good condition?

The iconic Kelly bag owes its reputation to a little anecdote. In 1956, as Grace Kelly is leaving the airport, she tries to hide with her bag her belly growing up from the paparazzi. At this very moment, rumours on her first pregnancy turn to be true and the famous bag becomes a star. Created by the house Hermès in 1935, this bag drew its inspiration from the model « Haut à courroies » invented for horse riders to put their saddle and boots in. Women costumers who order the bag call it under the name of « Kelly bag ». Hermès decides then to rename it this way in 1977.More

How to store your wine?

During one of our last bidtalks, we explained how to buy the best wine at auction. You have then either decided to buy a bottles' sample similar to the whole french regions, to create a balanced cellar between Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Côtes du Rhone, and Vallée de la Loire. Or, on the contrary, you have chosen very different grape varieties like wines from Alsace, Languedoc, or the Mediterranean basin. More