Enjoy your holidays in Paris : don't miss these exhibitions

What about celebrating your Christmas holidays at the museum thanks to our favourite visits.

In Paris for your Christmas holidays ? Let Bidtween guide you through the best exhibitions !

Thumbs up for César

On the occasion of César's twentieth death anniversary, the Pompidou Center offers, through a retrospective of a hundred artworks, to re-discover the sculptor's work. He is the last main figure of New Realism to have a retrospective of his artwork at the Pompidou Center.

Pouce, 1965. Polyester resin, 40,6x14x20,3cm. Tate, London. Presented by the artist, 1966 © SBJ / Adagp, Paris 2017 Photo © Tate, London 2017

The Netherlands rise up at the Louvre

You thought you knew everything about the famous King of France, Francis I ? Well, the Louvre museum gives you the opportunity through this exhibition « Francis I and the Netherlands arts » to discover an unknown part of the Renaissance.

« The main idea through this exhibition is to show what actually exists and is never shown : the presence and the influence of Netherlands artists on the French Renaissance », said Cécile Scaillierez, the exhibition's curator, to Bidtween's journalists : a visit to discover at the Louvre museum until the 15th of january 2018.

The American Dream in Paris

The Maillol Museum gets colourful with the exhibition dedicated to Pop Art. One part of the Whitney Museum of New York's collection is presented for the first time in Paris : « Pop Art - Icons that matter »

Come and visit the Exhibition : Pop Art Icons That Matter at the Maillol Museum until the 21st of january, or with Natasha Fraser Cavassoni on Bidtween !
Andy Warhol's very collaborator explains us the secret story of Pop Art, watch 

Degas makes the Musée d'Orsay dance

On the occasion of the centenary of the death of Edgar Degas, the Orsay Museum highlights Paul Valéry's work (1871-1945) « Degas Danse Dessin ». The twenty-year-old friendship between Degas and Valéry led, indeed, to a text published by Vollard in 1937. An exhibition that gives a synthesis between different arts, to visit until the 25th of february.

All around art with Gauguin

We all know Gauguin as a painter, but not so much as a sculptor, however they are inseparable. The Grand Palais presents an exhibition dedicated to the artist and subtitled « The Alchemist », where we can discover the creative process of the artist. Ceramics, sculpture, drawings, decorative arts and paintings parade under your eyes in this exhibition guided by Ophélie Ferlier-Bouat, co-curator of the exhibition at the Grand Palais until the 22nd January 2018 or on Bidtween.