Street Art : why you should invest in Death NYC's artworks ?

A street artist on which you can bet in 2019

It is the street art revelation of 2017 : Death NYC

Death NYC is the pseudonym of a New-York street-artist, who prefers to remain anonymous, a choice that allows her to work with more freedom on the street. Her pseudonym is actually an acronym for "Don't Easily Abandon The Hope", but "Death" often misleads the public, especially when the artist writes her slogan "Death is free" in the streets.


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Popular images everyone can relate to

Her art is influenced by what she sees in the street of New-York, where she grew up and where she still lives today.

At the beginning of her career, Death used to paint on the walls and floors of popular shops in Soho and Chelsea.

Her work is based on the diversion of popular culture images, also we can find on her artworks emblematic figures such as Marylin Monroe, Kate Moss, the Président Obama, Mao that she represents for example with a pink bow in his hair and some lipstick on.


Some of the artist's copies are no longer available for sale

Death NYC's artworks are powerful, attractive by their refined lines. They are aesthetic and carry a message at the same time. Mixing the spirit of Pop-Art silkscreen printing to street-art, her artworks are available in different formats.

It is still time to fall for this promising artist : prices are still affordable for small formats. Some of the artist's copies in limited edition are already fought over and are now available for sale.

Death NYC - Mona Lisa Death - Circa 2013

Death NYC : it is the investment to make

Bid on Death NYC's artworks now on sale on Bidtween : it is the investment to make, to start a collection with a little budget to enjoy or to start investing in art.

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