London stroll in the heart of Street Art

London Stroll in the heart of Street Art: Brick Lane

During a holiday or a vacation in London, take a break from the beaten path, tourist attractions and great museums to discover an unusual and crazy London.

Away from London shopping, meet street performers, spray and stencil frescoes: Urban art awaits you at every corner of the SHOREDITCH district, the city's leading London and world street art. 

Street Art has become a true artistic movement of the 21st century, as evidenced by its growing presence in the art market, in the contemporary art category and in art galleries.

Street Art enthusiasts will not be disappointed by walking the streets of London around Brick Lane, Spitalfieds Market and Liverpool Street. 

Brick Lane is the epicenter of Street Art in London.

The district of Shoreditch seduces contemporary artists and art lovers. It would be a shame to miss out and take a look at it.

Historically sulfurous area, where it is essential to stroll, Shoreditch will enchant you. Without a doubt, you will discover an artistic, cosmopolitan and multicultural district which becomes one of the indispensable places of English culture.

Meet Street Art Artists such as Banksy, Zabou, Shepard Fairey, Sweet Toof, Eine, Roa, Ben Slow, Otto Schade, Malarky, Eddie Colla but also lesser-known artists.

Street Art is an art always in motion: Enjoy your visit, next time, the neighborhood, open-air museum, may well have changed face!

There are now guided tours dedicated to Urban art in London ( street art tour ): As the street art Shoreditch Tour allows you to discover the street art of this particular neighborhood and its history.

The London artist Sweet Toof for sale on Bidtween

Sweet Toof is the pseudonym of an English street artist and solo or group artist. His art is largely inspired by the vanities of the sixteenth century and as well as the macabre Mexican art where skull imaging and the celebration of death are mingled as a journey of life. 

A graduate of the Royal Academy of Arts, the work of Sweet Toof is already represented at the Victoria & Albert Museum as well as at numerous international exhibitions.