"Rin de neuf"!.. except for Maximum design furniture

Two eco-friendly players : Zero Waste France and Maximum

At Bidtween's, we like objects, art and trends. But what is really important is also these second-hand objects that find a second life through auctions. As we are torn between art and "slow consumption", there are two players, one is arty, the other one is an activist (#ecology). 

How to be more eco-friendly and more responsible ? If this has an impact on you, you may like the "Rien de neuf" challenge ("Nothing new") by Zero Waste France as much as Maximum's second-hand furniture.

"Rien de neuf" : a challenge to be more eco-friendly

Do you know Zero Waste France ? Created more than 20 years ago, this association campaigns for a more sustainable waste management. The governing principle is to encourage a circular economy. This year, the association launched the challenge "Rien de neuf"

You can't get it wrong : it is about not buying anything new for one year.

défi rien de neuf Zero Waste

Clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, high tech, decoration, books, etc… From where we stand, this is not a sinecure ! If this is not an easy task, fortunately, there are numerous solutions. The association Zero Waste France advise you about renting, lending, restoration and of course, the second-hand market. Bidtween's auctions are part of these alternatives not to buy new with the guarantee to have objects assessed by auctioneers.

The challenge "Rien de neuf" counts more than 10 000 participants since early 2018. So what about you ?

Maximum's furniture : yes to green design !

We said "Rien de neuf"… Indeed.

But Maximum, we must talk about them a minimum. This company's ambition is to create contemporary pieces of furniture at the forefront of design. Their strength, is the industrials' weakness : rubbish. 

From their partners waste, they make tables, stools or armchairs. 

Upcycling and design meet and give birth to the table Clavex made from worn scaffoldings, or to the stool Rotoman coming from a plastic factory test.

table claves upcyclé design maximum

Clavex Table by Maximum

The must have by Maximum, you may have already seen it at the Palais de Tokyo's café : it is the chair Gravêne inspired from the model Daw de Charles & Ray Eames. The bases owe their random colours to plastic powders thrown away by industrials and melt down into spaghettis in a mould shaping the seat. 

chaise Gravene design upcyclé Maximum

Gravêne chair by Maximum and its "raw material"

With these eco-friendly tips, you can say goodbye to those low quality Swedish kits and say hello to auctions and upcycling.