Who is André Courrèges ?

In 1961, André Courrèges took up his independence and founded his own home with his companion. Success is almost immediate

Trapezoidal miniskirts, white vinyl boots, low waist trousers and short coats: In the years 60, André Courrèges propels women's fashion into orbit. The garments imagined by the French couturier are now aimed at the young generation of the baby boom and women in the midst of the quest for independence and freedom. Even today, fashion according to Courrèges inspires the creators. Back on the path of a visionary couturier.

Designer's Express biography

André Courrèges was born in Pau in 1923. Until the end of the war, he studied civil engineering in the capital Béarnaise, before travelling to Paris in the years 50. There he forms at sewing and works for Balenciaga. The young man stays 10 years with the Spanish couturier, learning all about fashion and his techniques. He also met Coqueline Barrière, which he married in 1966.

In 1961, André Courrèges took up his independence and founded his own home with his companion. Success is almost immediate. In 1964, the "Moon Girl" collection had the effect of a "bomb". and Courrèges becomes the representative of a futuristic fashion, inspired by the conquest of space and in tune with the expectations of a youth breaking with the codes of the past.

With its success, Courrèges founded in 67 a department dedicated to ready-to-wear, "Couture Future". Here too, the stylist responds to the expectations of a generation that seeks to dress differently without having the means of haute couture.

In the years 90, André Courrèges, suffering from Parkinson's disease, retires and dedicates himself to painting, sculpture, the creation of electric vehicles... His wife, Coqueline Courrèges, took the reins of the company. It was sold in 2011 to two French entrepreneurs, Jacques Bungert and Frédéric Torloting. At the age of 92 years, in 2016, André Courrèges died in Neuilly-sur-Seine. 

A futuristic vision of women's fashion

Passionate about fashion, but also of architecture, science fiction and sport, André Courrèges has imagined purely revolutionary garments. While Yves Saint-Laurent offers an ultra chic tuxedo and, Chanel, strict and elegant tailors, Courrèges plays the map of modernity. It creates a graphic mode, with sober and clean lines, mixing white with contrasting colours and inviting unprecedented materials such as vinyl or metal.

In the middle of the years 60, its success was resounding. The dresses, coats and skirts are shortened, the shoes become flat, the white replaces the black, the trousers are invited in the wardrobes women... Nothing should hinder the movement; Waist, bust, knees, feet: The woman's body is free from guêpières, high heels and other corsets...

Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot, Françoise Hardy, Mireille Darc... All the stars of the years 60-70 do not hesitate to be photographed in Courrèges. With Pierre Cardin and Paco Rabanne, the couturier signs an iconic fashion of his time.

The iconic parts of the Courrèges locker room

Some clothes imagined by André Courrèges have marked the history of fashion and are always so topical. Among them are:

-Miniskirt: Courrèges gives her letters "haute couture" to this ultra short skirt popularized by Mary as for London

-The little white dress "trapeze", true pendant of the black dress so dear to Coco Chanel

-White PVC flat boots, practical, feminine and futuristic

-The vinyl jacket

-Low waist trousers and capris, always trendy

The brand still perpetuates the couturier's vision, through clothing, accessories and clothing in particular. and original pieces from Courrèges collections, as well as sketches and sketches, are regularly offered in auction rooms or on online shops. Enough to seize the Courrèges style.

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