[PORTRAIT] Sonia Dubois, new presenter on Bidtween

The former "Frou-Frou" journalist has joined the team of Bidtween

New presenter on Bidtween TV, Sonia Dubois is far from being new on the TV sphere. Her broad smile and her outspokenness have already seduced the viewers, who remember Sonia, journalist for very popular TV shows. 

Sonia Dubois tells us about her career, halfway between art and television. (TV program here)

"I have the impression I am born on TV"

She is barely 25 when she participates to her first TV set . However, she is not used to this universe : so far, she was studying philisophy at the university. As she had just graduated, the young woman started posing for Glamour, magazine in which she is spotted by a producer. Everything starts here.   

Soon, Sonia is invited to "Merci et encore Bravo", hosted by Christine Bravo. She was supposed to stay only for two minutes, but finally attended the whole show. A while after, Christine calls Sonia to participate to the very famous show Frou-Frou as a journalist. 

"TV was not the place I was supposed to be, so I took it with distance and amusement. I wasn't made for that, and it is exactly why it worked !" 

Biographie Sonia Dubois télévision

Sonia's passions  

Eccentric and joyful, there is no doubt about that, as much as she is sensitive to art. As a child, she grew up in a family passionate about art, and this is what influenced very early her tastes for what is beautiful. "We have to train our eye, learn to love beautiful things ! It is really important". Later, she starts rubbing shoulders with the patron and collector Hélène Jourdan-Gassin who introduces her to the backstage of the art market. It is then naturally that she invests in César's artworks or street-art paintings

Second-hand shops and flea markets are also treasures where vintage objects shine. If Sonia has a pronounced taste for old trunks it is because they have a retro spirit, but also because "these cases contain the history of families". But Sonia's weakness is the bull's eye that reminds her of french castles' architecture. This original collection keeps growing through old objects' markets or auction rooms.

Bidtween, art and TV with Sonia Dubois

"Let's get to the point : there is nothing that allows to open the doors of auction rooms !". Sonia regrets that the world of art and auctions is so little highlighted through TV. "We have channels about fashion or sport, but about art, there is nothing ! Bidtween has a true cultural duty here."

The new face of Bidtween, in the person of Sonia Dubois, will then be on screen to bring the world of auctions out. "We must talk about art history to the public, to guide them towards more simple Online auctions. We must show the young people that you can decorate your interior differently than with Ikea !"

You can find Sonia Dubois on "En vente sur Bidtween", a TV show where the host presents flagship lots on which you can bid right now. She interviews auctioneers, who answer to the questions everyone wonders about. In a new show, where Sonia will receive personalities, you will have access to the backstage of the art market. Stay tuned !

En vente sur Bidtween émission Sonia Dubois

"I think the sexiest job is between antique dealers and auctioneers".

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