This week: second hand trade and pig at the Fair of Chatou !

A beautiful idea of exit for week, the Fair of Chatou is the meeting of the season for all the amateurs of beautiful things. Settled on the island of the Impressionists since 1970, it is the oldest fair in antiques of France. 

A story...of pigs! 

     We know the French traditions associated with the delicatessen and particularly with the good ham of all our regions! In the Middle Ages the fair of Chatou was the Fair in saltings(salt meats). The pork butchers came from whole France to sell their meats on the eve of Easter. The fair took place then around Notre-Dame where the commercial activity was prosperous.

But October 13th, 1131, unusual story in Paris. In streets, as usual, rave numerous pigs. They clean the streets of their filth. One of them throws itself under a horse making the rider fall. The man dies. Unfortunately it is Philippe, elder son and heir of king Louis VI Le Gros who is then going to proclaim a royal edict forbidding from now on the rambling of pigs. 

  In the middle of the XIXth, the Fair settles down Boulevard Richard-Lenoir for 100 years and it is now a big fair in the scrap,the gingerbread and hams.

  It is only in 1970 when the Fair settles down to Chatou, on the charming island of the Impressionists which twice a year, welcomes traders and customers, in March and September. 

What will you find there ? 

Everything! From the most beautiful antiquity to the wicker basket! And it is what makes the happiness of all ! We come to mock a beautiful chest of drawers Louis XV as armchairs in rattan, jewels, linen of our grandmothers, lamps in industrial style , vintage glasses from Baccarat!

And of course, a break is imperative to taste a good French-style meal : wine, oysters, foie gras, cassoulet or French fries and of course the roasted suckling pig on the spot!

Saint Roch, the patron saint of the secondhand goods dealers 

Saint Roch is known for the XIVth century as the boss of the secondhand goods dealers. In 2018, the tradition of the price thrown 100 years ago is reborn thanks to the SNCAO-GA. This price rewards personalities of the world of the culture generally who by their actions value the Antiquity and the Secondhand trade. In March, 2018, it is the journalist and presenter Jean-Pierre Pernault who receives him.

And this year the heroes of your childhood!  

Find the heroes of your youth, those who you loved when you were small and take your children to discover them. Travel the exhibition organized by Christophe Mourthé around Teddy bear, Casimir, Thierry la Fronde and Aglae and Sidonie! 

Then who goes there this week? Until October 7th. 

From 10 am till 7 pm.

Entry for 6 euros, free for least than 15 years.