To invest in contemporary art ? Two Erro's artworks on auction on Bidtween

You have always been dreaming about buying an artwork from a popular and well-known contemporary artist The two Erro's silkscreen prints presented for auction on Bidtween by the auction house Yellow Peacock gives you a chance for that. Cheaper than a painting, a print is an interesting investment and an easy way to start a collection.  

Print, engraving, lithography, silkscreen…?

Generically speaking, «painting» gathers a lot of various techniques : oil, acrylics, tempera, aerosol, etc...

Such as for painting, print uses several methods. There are about twenty different ways to create an image; let's focus on some of them. 

Relief prints 


Woodcut is an ancestral art consisting in hollowing out the parts that will remain white, the part in relief will then be inked. Thus we get a negative : this is the ink pad system. This technique was invented in the Middle-Age, just a bit before the printing press.

On the contrary, cut engraving consists in chiseling or drypoint etching grooves to put a thick ink in it. The slab is then pressed on the paper, showing the lines previously chiseled. This is a positive. Rembrandt was an expert in this technique. 

Flat printing 

Lithography and silkscreen print are not really engravings as there is no set of relief. But by nature they are prints as it is possible to produce a printed image through a mould. Daumier or Toulouse-Lautrec had been using this method for a long time. 

Lithography recreates the drawn image on a limestone whereas silkscreen print is a printing method using stencil. Contemporary artists love this process. 

The benefits of buying prints

Thanks to prints, artists can issue an artwork several times. Any art lover can also benefit from it as the multiple artwork is more attractive. However, the print popularity varies according to the artist : a Picasso printing can reach several millions.

The number of printed copies can also change the value : if an average printing can issue a hundred copies, a collection of 25 prints will be more sought after, and even more if the artwork is numbered and signed by the artist. 

Contemporary artists and silk-screen printing


Copying images became easier in the XXth century and even turned into an industrial method. Some artists from the 1960's took advantage of this advertising technique to contest the growing consumer society : you may have recognised the definition of the Pop Art movement. Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein set themselves appart by using the advertising but also the image printing technique.

The Icelander artist Erro, as a contemporary of these two printing virtuosos, has been influenced by them

lithographie erro enchères

Erro's lithography, number 11/75, 1997, signed at the bottom right. Estimated 300-500€

Two Erro's artworks on auction 

Bidtween gives you the opportunity to purchase two numbered and signed silkscreen prints by Erro. A contemporary artist who displayed his artwork at the Perrotin gallery in New-York this year, gave 66 of them to the Centre Pompidou. The Beaux-Arts museum in Lyon also made a retrospective of his work in 2014.

Influenced by the events of May 1968, Erro attaches importance to the Vietnam War, that he describes with lots of irony in his artworks. He shaped his art by meeting artists like Man Ray, Duchamp or Miro. But Erro can easily be linked to the Pop Art movement, as his artworks are full of images from the popular culture. 

Andy Warhol watches Thomas Dellert's artwork, 1980, Bruno Erhs

However, Erro goes further than pop-artists by involving the most diverse worldwide cultures in his work. Actually, he is considered as the founder of the «narrative figuration», a movement praising the image as an engaged speech.

Trough his collages, he makes despot figures stand alongside Walt Disney characters. On his other artworks, the Japanese culture is mixed with American comics, and sometimes human and mechanics seem to be one. 

Lithographie Erro enchères

Erro's lithography, number 67/199, 2001, signed at the bottom right. Estimated 300-500€