Start your book and artwork's collection

Save the date for the Rare Book and Art Object Fair in Paris

Access the biggest ephemeral library, observe exceptional artworks, have your objects assessed, start a collection, everything is possible during this Spring in Paris and in one place.

We recommend you to go from the 13th to the 15th of April at the Grand Palais on the occasion of the Rare Book and Art Object International Fair.

Also in 2018, it is the 30th edition of the Rare Book International Fair, organised by the SLAM, the Ancient and Modern Bookshop National Federation that will open its gates. The Specialised Experts National Chamber joined the fair last year to create the Rare Book and Art Object Fair, an event gathering all the highest level of French expertise.

More than 100 000 exhibited documents and objects

The Fair brings together art objects experts in 40 specialities, from archaeology to contemporary art passing by jewelleries, haute-époque, tribal art, ancient weapons or even fashion, everything in a prestige setting : under the glass roof of the Grand Palais. You will be able to meet 150 booksellers and 50 experts and to admire around 100 000 documents and exhibited objects. 

Also, 50 of the best experts, in any speciality, present during the Fair will be there to explain their job and to answer your questions. Whether it be about the authenticity of an object, its estimate or how to sell it, these specialists will be there to guide you but also to assess your objects for free.

Old books and art objects sales : advice to start your collection 

Book lovers will be awarded by the presence of ancient books, rare books and autographs. You will even be able to buy some copies on sale. To start your library with less than 150 € is going to be possible during this fair. The price should not stop you from starting a collection. And as a proof, on the Fair discovery stall, a common space to all the booksellers, it is easy to begin with around ten euros. 

To show their skills, the experts present on the Fair, who are sometimes renowned merchants, will sell a selection of unusual or rare objects, but also affordable ones for those who want to start a collection or just to enjoy.

The objective of this Fair ? To raise awareness among the wide audience to the timeless wealth of written, printed or graphic testimonies on one hand, and on the other hand, to the discovery of the most beautiful art objects, rare or curious, all full of personal, well-known or unexpected history. 

Rare exhibitions enhance the Rare Book and Art Object Fair

In order to illustrate "The creative genius"guideline of the Rare Book and Art Object Fair this year, you will be able to discover three main exhibitions at the heart of this event.

The guest of honour of this Rare Book Fair, the IMEC, contemporary edition Memories Institute, will present a selection of drafts and manuscripts from the greatest contemporary writters : Marguerite Duras, Louis Althusser, Jacques Audiberti, André Mare, Philippe Soupault, Paul Eluard... but also photographs of great authors by Gisèle Freund. 

The guest of honour of the Art Object Fair, the Cnam, for the National Conservatory of arts and crafts, will exceptionally lend objects from their storehouse and will show the restoration process of some pieces from their collections. 

As for the Etchings and Photograpy Department of the BnF (France National Library), they will exhibit a selection of prints, drawings and posters from the modern and contemporary period. This exhibition will explain, through the evolution of the engraved mould, how etchings are a way to offer the possibility to follow the different steps of the artist's work. 

Come and make your own paper at the Grand Palais !

This fair, true cultural window, is designed as a place for discovery and initiation for the public, a crossroads where fans and curious meet. 

Also, you will be able to go for a guided tour made by booksellers, understand bibliophily, discover the mythical universe of second-hand book sellers from Paris who will be exhibiting during the Fair, understand the production of paper by making it yourself in the course of the Fair.

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Grand Palais / Avenue Winston Churchill / 75008 PARIS 

Friday 13 april : 11am-9pm 

Saturday 14 april : 11am-8pm 

Sunday 15 april : 11am-7pm