Charlotte Perriand and Les Arcs: a history of comfort and design

The 3 domains of the arches designed by Charlotte Perriand constitute the architect's major works.

Perriand, the life of a designer 

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Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999) is a very famous French architect and designer. She studied at the École de l'Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. She made herself known by collaborating with Le Corbusier and his cousin, Pierre Jeanneret. Being the one who conceptualized the Abri Bivouac (1936), it allowed her to make a name for herself by becoming the first to adopt the small architectural style in France. The collaboration between Perriand, Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret began in 1924. This collaboration has resulted in the essential interior design features of the B306 chair and the "high comfort" club chair. These works highlighted Charlotte Perriand's talents in the field of interior design. Later, she created her own interior design and architecture company. Considered a pioneer of modern design, Charlotte Perriand's first creations were made with expensive and difficult to handle materials. Wanting his modern design furniture to be found in more homes, Perriand decided to use more affordable materials such as wood and cane to create his works. Today, the whole world knows and uses the Perriand chaise longue de charlotte and other famous furniture in the history of design. This proves the extent of Charlotte Perriand's talent as a designer.

Charlotte Perriand and Jean Prouvé then worked together for a few years. Following the surrender of France in 1940, Perriand lived in Japan and Vietnam. She did not return to live in the French capital, Paris, until 1946. As a brilliant designer, his time abroad has allowed him to create new furniture concepts. New furniture then came out of Charlotte Perriand's workshop. The French designer has also produced design articles inspired by Asian culture and has designed different types of tables, chair models and stool styles. Charlotte Perriand knew how to decorate a house and how to create comfortable and pretty furniture. 

Contributing to the construction of three of the 5 arches of Savoy is one of the most remarkable works of the genius designer. Composed of 5 domains called arcs, the arcs of Savoy constitute a gigantic ski resort. During the holidays, skiers can enjoy the beautiful slopes of each arc of the resort.  

The Three Bows created by Perriand

The 3 domains of the arches designed by Charlotte Perriand constitute the architect's major works. These are: Bourg-Saint-, Arc 1800 and Arc 2000. The arches are a wonderful place for a mountain holiday. 

The designer designed these domains by following the landscape. Charlotte Perriand's idea in designing the Arcs was to remove the buildings from the view of visitors when they arrived at the top of the mountain. Some of the properties in the Savoy arches really represent Charlotte Perriand's architectural style. The latter also wanted to satisfy people's desire to experience adventures and not to stay in a hotel room during their stay at the ski resort. However, the hotels and restaurants of Les Arcs de Savoie offer great comfort with their styles and high-quality furniture. Considering the above elements, Charlotte Perriand arranged the buildings of Les Arcs sur la montagne in the spirit of a staircase that runs along its contour lines.

She has also focused on creating minimalist spaces, open to the sun and the surrounding nature. This could be done by using glass and bright colours inside. The idea was to offer a view of the nature of the hotel complex to the occupants of the buildings. 

Among the three domains of Les Arcs she designed, Perriand began with the creation of Arc 1600, which was opened to the public in 1968 and is the first visible domain of Perriand's 3 works in the region. Stores, hotel rooms and meeting rooms cover every part of the area.  

Being the largest of the Arcs designed by Perriand, the Arc 1800 began to open in 1974. It is located above the Arc 1600 and is divided into 4 pedestrian villages. The buildings of this Arc also serve as a junction with the Paradisky arches of the Tarentaise Valley.

With the Arc 2000, Perriand designed the last and highest area of the Arcs of Savoy. Inaugurated in 1979, this region is known for hosting speed skiing events. It is also intended for the emergence of new snow sports.  

Charlotte Perriand has left a legacy to France and the world in modern interior design and architecture. It is thanks to inventive and artistic personalities like her that the world is always evolving gradually.