hey bowed in 2017. However, the Autolib are not close to leaving the bitumen. Although some of these grey carts had to be reformed, many of them are now available to individuals

Buy a Autolib ': It's now possible!

They bowed in 2017. However, the Autolib are not close to leaving the bitumen. Although some of these grey carts had to be reformed, many of them are now available to individuals. You want to adopt a Autolib? Here is some information and tips to help you drive from now on in an electric car. And to get off the beaten path, you can even choose a vehicle entirely revamped by street artists.

A closed service in 2018

The Autolib ' owe their notoriety to the service of Autoparting launched in Paris and in various communes of Ile-de-France between 2011 and 2018. For nearly 10 years, these small electric cars were made available to Parisians and Ile for their urban movements. Economic and practical, they have permanently marked the landscape and the habits. So much so that these vehicles have become emblematic of a time in full reflection on transport and energy saving.

While the Autolib service is permanently halted, the Paris City Council maintains the network of charging stations. And some vehicles of the former car-partage fleet, after a serious refurbishment, are now available for sale.

Bluecar: a city electric car

The cars of the service Autolib are Bolloré Bluecar, electric vehicles whose first models were born in the end of the years 2000. They are equipped with LMP (Lithium metal polymer) batteries, manufactured by a Breton subsidiary of the Bolloré Group, which operates the Autolib service. The Bluecar are also equipped with synchronous motors manufactured in France in Angoulême this time.

These cars are 3-door and 4-seater. They offer a touch screen with GPS. Their autonomy in the city is announced at 250 km; Outside agglomeration, 150 km can be travelled before recharge.

In terms of the charging of batteries, many terminals are available in Paris and in the major cities of France. Just like parking spaces, often free and reserved exclusively for electric vehicle drivers. The Bluecar also connect to a domestic electrical outlet. A full charge requires about 4 hours.

As for their prices, these used cars remain affordable, especially since they are eligible for the reconversion premium.

Unique models revamped by the big names of street art

Practical, ecological and economical, electric cars are in the wind! And with the Bluecar, we offer a little nostalgia, a part of urban heritage. To play the originality card, you also have the opportunity to acquire a unique model of Bluecar. Two famous street art artists have revamped a car, leaving their inspiring inspiration to transform these vehicles into real works of art. During a performance broadcast on Bidtween TV, Jazzu on the one hand and Rose-Agathe Steiner on the other hand both painted the bodywork, thus bringing the vehicle into another universe, that of street art. An artistic form that is perfectly suited to the small electric city.

No way out of the Bluecar! She still has beautiful days ahead of her. The recent sales of Bluecar have also been very successful, as motorists are always looking for more responsible solutions for their daily trips. And with a unique model signed with a big name of street art, one Rolls "beautiful" in addition to rolling "clean".