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Who is André Courrèges?

Trapezoidal miniskirts, white vinyl boots, low waist trousers and short coats: In the years 60, André Courrèges propels women's fashion into orbit. The garments imagined by the French couturier are now aimed at the young generation of the baby boom and women in the midst of the quest for independence and freedom

A flagship design piece: Eames Lounge chair signed

Because it has revolutionized the history of furniture, the armchair signed by Charles and Ray Eames is today still an icon of design. With its footrest, it is part of this furniture that is regularly crossed in chic and trendy interiors.

Louis Valtat (1869-1952)

Louis Valtat is a great artist in a lot of sort of arts and he had a lot of friends in the Paris of the 1900's. Discover the art of sculpture of this artist on Bidtween.

The history of foot table

It has long been invincible in the coffee and bistro rooms of France. But after a few decades of disappearance, accused of noises, troubles and tackiness, the foosball of our childhood finally returns to grace. 

Street Art in the Hearth of London

Street Art has become a true artistic movement of the 21st century, as evidenced by its growing presence in the art market, in the contemporary art category and art galleries.

Lithography and auction : good deal

Lithography and auction : find a great artist and buy lithography or discover artists through lithography.


Bid on jerseys and football boots of professional players !

As the French Football team promises to make us dream during this Russian World Cup, the Hôtel des ventes de la Vallée de Montmorency is kicking off a football auction sale.

Bid on artworks of Gérard Zlotykamien

The beginnings of street art are unknown. We made a test, 9 people out of 10 think graffiti is born in the United States. Let's set the record straight : Urban Art has been created in France, in Paris, by Gérard Zlotykamien. Artworks of the very first graffiti artist are on sale on Bidtween by the Hôtel des ventes de la Vallée de Montmorency.

First edition of the "Printemps Asiatique" (Asian Spring) in Paris

For the first time in Paris all the Asian art market professionals are gathered. We already know the american versions : the Asia Week New York (in March) and the British one: the Asian Art in London (in November), and now Paris launches its Printemps asiatique (Asian Spring) from the 7th to the 17th of June! More

10 things to know about Modigliani

As one of his paintings « Nu couché » ("Lying Nude") has just been sold at Sotheby's 157 million dollars, ranking it as the forth most expensive piece of art sold at auction, do you really know Amédéo Modigliani? This damned artist was ill, an alcoholic, but also a genius.More

The french TV show "Un trésor dans votre maison" is back on M6

To give a second lease of life to objects? To bargain-hunt in the auction rooms and second-hand shops? Every year, we can count approximately 15 million French people participating in second-hand shops, flea markets or car boot sales. It is one of the favourite hobbies of French people, who also like to watch that everything can be sold or bought on TV.More

A breath of fresh air : fans from Joséphine to Eugénie

If today we appreciate to have a fan when the temperature goes up, in the 19th Century, it was a tool of elegance and an absolute necessary instrument to be identified in society, even if it means to forget to fan yourself for the sake of your comfort.More

Rodin and dance, the new exhibition at the Musée Rodin

Since the 7th April, the Musée Rodin offers a new circuit « Rodin et la danse ». Why and how the sculptor has been inspired by this discipline? This is what the newsroom tried to find out. Guided tour of this exhibition that will make you dance.More

The duo Margiela/Hermès at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs : a flamboyant exhibition

Martin Margiela, a mysterious Belgian couturier, sees his work highlighted in Paris during Spring 2018. As the Palais Galliera unveils its retrospective dedicated to the creator's career, the Musée des Arts décoratifs opens its exhibition "Margiela, Hermès years", a focus on the collaboration of the couturier with the French house from 1997 to 2003.More

Street art: Why you should invest in Death NYC's artworks?

Death NYC is the pseudonym of a New-York street-artist, who prefers to remain anonymous, a choice that allows her to work with more freedom on the street. Her pseudonym is actually an acronym for "Don't Easily Abandon The Hope", but "Death" often misleads the public, especially when the artist writes her slogan "Death is free" in the streets. More

Sonia Dubois, new presenter on Bidtween

New presenter on Bidtween TV, Sonia Dubois is far from being new on the TV sphere. Her broad smile and her outspokenness have already seduced the viewers, who remember Sonia, a journalist for very popular TV shows. Sonia Dubois tells us about her career, halfway between art and television.More

What is the different bottle of wine's sizes and shapes?

The 75 cl bottle comes with your aperitifs and your meals, its format stands easily on your Sunday table. But there are much bigger bottle sizes. If the Magnum format is well-known, have you already heard of the Balthazar or Nabuchodonosor bottles?More

The most shocking artworks in art history

While Facebook has just banned the photo of the Venus of Willendorf, palaeolithic statuette of almost 30 000 years representing a naked and voluptuous feminine figure, Bidtween makes you discover the 5 major artworks that caused a scandal in the world of art.More

Zero Waste France and Maximum : discover these two eco-friendly players

At Bidtween's, we like objects, art and trends. But what is really important is also these second-hand objects that find a second life through auctions. As we are torn between art and "slow consumption", there are two players, one is arty, the other one is an activist (#ecology).More

Start your collection of books and artworks

Access the biggest ephemeral library, observe exceptional artworks, have your objects assessed, start a collection, everything is possible during this Spring in Paris and in one place. We recommend you to go from the 13th to the 15th of April at the Grand Palais on the occasion of the Rare Book and Art Object International Fair.More

With Essentiam, ancient and new books are on the same page

Why do people buy ancient books? Céline Gladkowski, co-founder of Essentiam reveals her passion and her tricks in this gilt-edged interview. If some people say about their books that "it is quite a good work", Céline Gladkowski would say about hers "it is a monument, a testimony of History, a treasure." More

The most expected auction sales to start 2018

Paris or Monaco, vintage cars or remarkable jewellery, old drawings and rare modern posters, in any case, until March, the programme is going to be prestigious and exceptional. Artcurial is the first one to open the sales for an interesting first quarter.More

Auction your objects on Bidtween

To sell the objects you want to get rid of has become an easy game. On the internet, in second-hand shops or at the antique dealer's, there are several ways to benefit from your old books or your stamps collection. But what about giving a try to auctions?More

The best french exhibitions in 2018

If 2017 ended on the opening of a remarkable exhibition dedicated to César at the Pompidou Center, 2018 is going to be filled with artistic events. What are the must-see exhibitions in 2018 ?More

Enjoy your holidays in Paris : don't miss these exhibitions

What about celebrating your Christmas holidays at the museum thanks to our favourite visits. Let Bidtween guide you not to miss any of the best exhibitions at the museum by the end of the year 2017. Through Degas or even Gauguin, find all the greatest artists to enjoy your holidays.More

Môm'Art trophy 2017 : what are the most kid-friendly museums ?

Since 2015, the association Môm'Art chaired by Caroline Rosnet aspire to help museums and cultural sites to improve their services in order to welcome families easily. Parents can share their experiences and their good deals thanks to a participative blog and evaluate the museums they visit.More

To invest in contemporary art ? Two Erro's artworks on auction on Bidtween

You have always been dreaming about buying artwork from a popular and well-known contemporary artist? The two Erro's silkscreen prints presented for auction on Bidtween by the auction house Yellow Peacock gives you a chance for that. Cheaper than a painting, a print is an interesting investment and an easy way to start a collection.More

Robert Ladou (1929-2014) : the horse's glory

"Passionate", this is what defines the artist Robert Ladou, who had horse and painting as central themes in his life. Bidtween has the honour of presenting on auction the studio collection of this talented painter whose life has been guided by this two passions.More

Hermès on auction, what a great occasion

Hermès will have a place of honour on Bidtween during an auction enhancing mythical objects that made the famous luxury french-style brand glorious. This year, the house is celebrating its 180th anniversary. The occasion to go through some of its key moments again.More