Hermès on auction, what a great occasion

Bidtween organises an auction sale highlighting the must-have of the french luxury house, Hermès.

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Hermès will have a place of honour on Bidtween during an auction enhancing mythical objects that made the famous luxury french-style brand glorious. This year, the house is celebrating its 180th anniversary. The occasion to go through some of its key moments again.

Give a new life to legendary objects 

During this sale, several accessories will be presented. From leather goods to the must-have scarves, Hermès is renowned as the house of excellence, token of quality and prestige. The best time to make a good deal during this sale where you will be able to find lots such as : 

The Kelly bag : the princess accessory

This is the most symbolic bag of the house Hermès. Inspired from the model « Haut à courroies », bag created in 1892 to carry the horse rider’s saddle and boots, it is today smaller, for women only and exists in different sizes and colours. A mythical bag that had a great success : in 1956, Grace Kelly carries this model. Women customers started to order to Hermès the « Kelly bag » so the company decided to rename it this way in 1977. To get a new Kelly you can wait for months so the auction price can sometimes exceed the price of the new one. For this model, the sale price is estimated between 3000 and 4000 euros.

The Medor watch : a mix between modern and tradition

Created in 1993, the watch Medor is full of history. As its name can tell, it drew its inspiration from dog collars that were part of the very first objects made by Hermès such as saddles and harnesses. The gold-plated watch jewellery with its brown leather bracelet is set with studs and hide the clock face in a small case protecting it. This watch estimated between 800 and 1000 euros is the perfect accessory to add some chic and rock to your outfit.      

Square scarves : classical but forever trendy

The traditional scarf models measure 90x90 cm. This emblematic and timeless accessory in silk twill is a must-have in every wardrobe. It is important to know that Hermès scarf collections are capsule collections. From the creation of this famous scarf in 1937, the models are produced during a season only. Once the season is over you will only find second-hand models of these scarves. During the sale, we are going to present a black scarf with gold leaves estimated between 100 and 150 euros.

The gavroche : the most recent of all silk scarves 

Smaller this time, this kind of scarf measure 45x45 cm. It is rather recent in Hermès history as it was first created in 1985. Its name refers to the character in les Miserables written by Victor Hugo. Today, it is a women-only accessory which drew its inspiration from men wardrobe. Indeed, it is the size of the old pocket-handkerchiefs men took with them during the war. This small object of art is estimated between 50 and 80 euros.

The agenda cover : for leather lovers

Originally specialised in saddlery, the Hermès house developed its production in leather goods at the end of the XIXth century. For this agenda cover model in Epsom calfskin, the brand combines its centenary skills with refinement and aesthetics dear to them. Made in Paris and signed by the famous house, this accessory is estimated between 150 and 200 euros.

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