1) What is an auction ?

This is the sale of an object during a defined duration. Open to the public, it allows everyone to bid. The lot goes to the highest bidder.

A lot : the object on sale

A bid : the amount the bidder chooses to put on the previous offer made by another bidder on a specified object.

A bidder wins an object when no one overbids on his/her last offer.

2) How to estimate my lot ?

To get the most exact estimate of your item, you have to request an auctioneer to evaluate it according to the era, the origin and technical characteristics of the item. This service is free on Bidtween.

However, it is interesting to look and compare by yourself the price of similar objects on our website.

3 ) What is a Live sale ?

It is the live broadcast of an auction led by an auctioneer where the buyers are internet users only. You just have to login to your Bidtween account to be able to follow it and to participate in real time.

To do so, you have to register to the Live auction you are interested in and you will be notified as soon as the sale starts.

4) How to bid during a Live auction ?

Thanks to the live broadcast, you can follow the auction in real time through a video. You can bid in just one click.

5) What is an online sale ?

It is a dematerialised sale on the internet only during a defined period of time. The bidders can enjoy the same conditions and guarantees as in a real auction room.

6) How do I get my objects delivered ?

Bidtween provides auctioneers with the service Upela to ease the delivery of your purchases. This service is an option and the auctioneer is free to suggest you his own partners, and in this case, you have to contact the auction house directly to discuss the transport options. These services will have to be paid directly by the buyer to the service provider.

7) Is it possible to follow my delivery ?

Yes, with our transport provider Upela, you can choose your carrier and follow every step of your delivery.

8) What are the customised delivery solutions ?

We recommend you to contact the auctioneer in charge of the lot to know the best delivery options for particular or oversized objects for example.

9) How to create an account on Bidtween ?

To use the service Bidtween, the bidder has to register and to create an account on the website. For this, the bidder has to fill in informations on the register form. He/she declares to give exact, complete and current informations and agrees to change his/her informations if there is any modification.

10) Do I have to create an account to bid on Bidtween ?

Yes, to start bidding, the user needs to create an account and to give a bank account on which will be debited the amount of the sales.

11) Is it possible to contact a seller ?

No, the auctioneer is an opaque agent. There is no contact between the seller and the buyer during a perfect sale.

12) What is an auctioneer ? An expert ?

The auctioneer is the person entitled to lead the auction, to estimate and to know down the objects you gave him.

The expert completes the auctioneer’s analysis for certain objects he is a specialist in.

13) Who can I contact if I have a problem with my lot ?

If you encounter a problem with your lot, your payment or your delivery, do not hesitate to contact the Bidtween support team that will do their best to fix the problem as fast as they can and will put you in contact with the auction house if necessary.

14) How to cancel my bid or my sale ?

This is not possible, your purchase is definitive. According to the french law, there is no period of withdrawal concerning auction sales. After you bid, if you are the successful bidder, you have to pay off your purchase that is entirely under your responsibility.

15) What are the different payment methods ?

The cash payment is realised by card or transfer from the bank account the bidder gave when registering. The payment corresponds to the price of the bid plus the costs, commissions and taxes.

The bidder payment is all taxes and commissions included. No other commission will be due to Bidtween.   

16) How does the reserve price work ?

The reserve price is the price under which the lot would not be sold. It is the seller who decides the amount of the reserve price. The buyer is notified by email once the reserve price is met.

17) Are there any supplement fees after I win an auction ?

The « buyer fees » are included in the price of the object. It means the costs going to the those who make sure the sale runs smoothly (the auction house, the website, the experts…) are already in the mentioned price. These costs rise to 25% excluding tax or xxx VAT included. Some objects sold by auction houses after compulsory liquidation or in case of inheritance are subject to lower costs.

The buyer will only have to add the delivery costs to the final payment.

18) How does an automatic bid work ?

The automatic bid is a virtual purchase order, in other words it is a maximum bid you choose the website to put automatically for you if you are not available. 

19) Is it possible to store my lot before I come and get it ?

This depends on the auction house selling the object. It is essential to contact them to know more about their storage terms and conditions.

20) Why am I having difficulties to register ?

You have to check that you have filled all the mandatory fields indicated by an asterisk. You must also tick the case : « I agree to all the terms and conditions ».

21) Is it possible to be notified when a lot I like is on sale ?

Yes, indeed you will be notified by email once one of your favorite lot is on sale on the website. 

22) How to unsubscribe to the newsletter ?

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking the link at the bottom of the newsletter. You will then receive a confirmation email.

23) What can I do if I forgot my password ?

Any lost password will be reinitiated by Bidtween on demand. An access code to the service will be provided to the bidder and confirmed by an email.

24) Is it possible to return my lot if I am not satisfied with it ?

No, but if you wish you can ask an auctioneer to present it on auction again but this time as a seller.

25) Can I get a refund if my object is not exactly as described or is broken when delivered ?

If the object you bought on auction is not true to the description, you must get in contact with the auction house that put it on sale.

26) I want to sell an object. What do I have to do ?

If you want to sell an object, you have to go into the section « I have an object to sell » to fill in all the necessary informations about your object and add pictures. An auctioneer will make an estimate of your object that you will receive by email. Once you get it, you can put your advert online and the users can start bidding on it. When a user wins the sale, you will be notified and you will have to proceed to the delivery of your object.

27) What happens to a lot which has not been sold ?

When a lot you gave the auctioneer is not sold, it is « held back ». You can decide to take it back or you can ask the auctioneer to sell it again on auction. 

28) The delivery fees : included ? not included ? 

The delivery fees are not included into the bidding prices and will have to be paid directly to the provider according to the solution the buyer has chosen. 

29) What can be sold ?

Any furniture item can be sold by an auctioneer.

30) What cannot be sold ?

Any object not allowed by the law or the international conventions.

31) Why is my SEPA Direct Debit not working yet ?

When you are registering, if you choose the SEPA Direct Debit, you will have to wait 6 to 7 working days before this payment method is validated by your bank. While it is waiting for validation, you can choose to pay by credit card, you will then have a faster access to your lot.   

32) Why do I have to give my ID during the payment ?

Your ID is mandatory for purchases over 2500€ and according to the law against money laundering, the auctioneer can ask for your ID no matter how much is your purchase.    

33) Why do I have an error message when I proceed to the payment by credit card ?

During your payment, if you have chosen the credit card method, you may have an error message. We advise you to check if you have not reached the limit of your credit card over a rolling 7 day period. If this is the case, you can choose to proceed to a bank transfer. However, be careful, you will need to wait 6 to 7 working days before the SEPA Direct Debit is validated by your bank.   

34) I can't see the objects on the website

Update your browser and check your internet connection. A public network is likely to slow down the images loading.

35) I would like to sell the whole furniture from my house/flat

Bidtween and its network of auctioneers can allow you to sell all your furniture. Contact us at the following address : contact@bidtween.com

36) How to manage my emails from Bidtween ?

You would like to be notified by email once the reserve price of your lot is met ? You don’t want to be notified when you have not won a sale ? Manage your emails your way in the section « my account » and tick/untick the notifications that you want or don’t want to receive. It’s done !

37) How to recover VAT

VAT can be recoverable according to the status of the seller and / or according to the destination of the object in case of export. For more information, we invite you to get closer to the auction house that offers the object.

38) What the logo "French Auctioneers" ?

Bidtween has developed a new label allowing you to distinguish at a glance on the site the lots proposed by the auction professionals such as auctioneers, bailiffs, only persons authorised to sell at auction in France, Other professionals in the art world.