1) What is an auction?

It is the sale of an object (furniture, artwork, work) taking place during a specific period of time during which the lot is returned to the highest bidder. 

An auction: it is the offer, by the highest bidder, of a price higher than that announced by another bidder

The successful bidder: The person who acquired the lot through the auction 

Auctions can be organised by auctioneers or by online sales sites in the form of brokerage.

Bidtween makes it possible to buy lots put online by auctioneers at auction but also makes it possible to make an electronic auction system available to object sales professionals.

2) Who can estimate my property?

The auctioneer is the person who can give a fair and reliable estimate of your property so that you can get the best price for it. He evaluates the object according to its different technical characteristics, its origin, its time or its style. 

Bidtween offers you the free and non-binding expertise service of an auctioneer or an expert.

3) What is a live auction?

You have the possibility to acquire properties through "live" sales.

 This is a way for buyers to take part in the live sale, bid and win the auctions as if they were there. It should be noted that the participants in a live sale are Internet users. To participate, simply create an account on Bidtween, login and participate in real time. Once you have registered for the sale you wish to participate in, you will receive an alert as soon as it has started. 

Note : Live Bidtween sales will be available soon.

4) How can I bid on a live sale?

A live broadcast of the auction allows you to follow the bids in real time. Thanks to an internet connection, you can bid on the offer you are interested in with a single click. 

Note : Live Bidtween sales will be available soon.

5) What is the difference between direct sales and online sales?

The live sale is a live broadcast of the auction from the auction room. Buyers can bid remotely and in real time. A sound and video system allow them to experience the sale as if they were there.

Online sales are dematerialized sales that take place over the Internet for an indefinite period (a few hours or a few days). The conditions and guarantees applied are the same as those of the indoor sale.

Note : Live Bidtween sales will be available soon.

6) How do I receive my items?

Bidtween has the Upela transport service to facilitate the delivery of your purchases. This is an option. You have the free choice to choose another partner proposed by the professional seller. In this case, you should contact the auction house directly to find out more about shipping and payment methods for the items.

7) Can I track my delivery?

Yes, if you choose our Upela transport service, you can choose the carrier that will suit you. The latter will indicate all the stages of the delivery. 

8) What about personalized delivery?

To find out more about delivery methods for certain categories of objects (private or oversized), we recommend that you contact the auctioneer or the professional in charge of your lot after your purchase.

For any request before your purchase or auction, contact us via the Chat or write to us with the contact area.

9) How do I create my Bidtween account?

To create a Bidtween account, simply fill out the registration form with the requested information. As a user of the site, you declare that you are responsible for the information you have provided and that you undertake to modify this information during use in the event of a change in the information provided. 

10) Can I bid on Bidtween without having an account?

No, the user needs to create an account and enter the bank account number on which the sales amount will be debited in order to bid.

11) Can I contact the seller directly?

No, as the agent between the seller and the buyer, the auctioneer is prohibited from disclosing the identity of the seller. So there can be no direct contact between the seller and the buyer unless expressly agreed. 

If you have any questions about lots offered by our professional seller, you can communicate via the chat or contact area.

12) What is an auctioneer? And an expert?

The auctioneer is the one who manages the auction. He appraises and awards the items confiscated from him.

The expert is the person who completes the auctioneer's analysis for certain objects for which he is a specialist.

13) Who should I contact in case of problems with my lot?

Bidtween's professional and responsive team remains at your disposal to advise you and resolve your batch, payment or delivery problems as quickly as possible. We will direct you to the auction house if necessary.

14) Can I retract after a purchase?

If you buy your lot in a sale organised by an auctioneer, you cannot change your mind and you do not have a withdrawal period. Auctions organised by the auctioneers are identified by the French Auctioneer logo. No claim is possible and you are obliged to pay under penalty of prosecution.

For all other sales proposed by professionals selling furniture and rare items, you have the right to a 14-day period to change your mind after the purchase. This is the withdrawal period. Therefore, you must return the item and the seller must refund you the full amount you paid, including shipping costs.

15) What are the payment terms?

The bank account number is one of the required information. Payment is made in cash by credit card or bank transfer. You will have to pay the amount corresponding to the auction price plus all fees, commissions and taxes. Bidtween will not receive any additional commission.

16) What is a reserve price?

The reserve price is the price below which the lot cannot be sold. It is confidential and is only known to the seller. The buyer receives a notification by email when the reserve price is reached. 

17) Are there any additional fees that I have to pay after winning an auction?

All "buyer fees" are included in the price of the item and will be added to the final invoice. There should therefore be no surprises when paying. These are costs shared between the different operators who made it possible to make the sale (affiliated auction house, the Bidween site, experts etc.). They are fixed in advance and vary around 20% depending on the type of goods including VAT. Some items sold by the auction house after liquidation or inheritance are subject to lower costs.

If you are unable to travel to pick up your lot, delivery charges will be added.

18) What is an automatic auction?

The automatic auction is a virtual purchase order that allows the site to bid automatically for you in case of absence without ever exceeding the maximum amount you have placed. 

18 bis) How to negotiate a lot when it is not offered for auction. 

You can enter your price in the "offer your price" box and the answer will only take a few seconds if your offer is accepted by the merchant you are instantly alerted by email and notification.  You can pay for your purchase. If the offer is not accepted, you can offer a price again until the seller accepts it. 

19) Can my batch be stored until I get it back?

The possibility of storing a lot depends entirely on the Sales House. For more information on the general storage terms and conditions, we recommend that you contact the relevant Sales House.

For lots purchased from professionals selling rare items, you can contact the merchant directly.

20) I have difficulty registering, what should I do?

We recommend that you check that all mandatory fields marked with an asterisk have been completed. Do not forget to tick also the box "I have read the terms and conditions of sale". Feel free to contact the Bidtween team.

21) Can I be alerted when a lot offered for sale interests me?

Indeed, by creating alerts with keywords, you can receive an email notification as soon as your favorite lot is put on sale and published on Bidtween.

22) How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Unsubscribing can be done with one click on the link at the bottom of each newsletter. You will then receive an email confirming that you are no longer a subscriber.

23) I forgot my password

Bidtween can reset a password on request. The Bidder will receive an access code that must be confirmed by email.

24) I am not satisfied with my prize, can I return it?

No, but you can ask an auctioneer to represent you at the sale. So you will be the seller in this case.

25) Can my item be refunded if it does not comply or arrives broken?

We ask you to open the parcel with the delivery man.If you receive an item that does not conform to the description or is damaged, you must contact the Sales House that offered it for sale.

26) I want to sell an item. What should I do?

To sell an item, you must go to the "Sell your items" or "I am selling an item" section. Add the information corresponding to your object as well as the photos and an auctioneer will take care of making a fair and reliable estimate of your object. Once you have received the estimate by email. The auctioneer must make an appointment with you to appraise and estimate the object. All the objects proposed on Bidtween have been seen by experts. An estimate on photo only does not allow an online Bidtween.

It is the auction house or expert who will put the ad online and users can start bidding on your item. You will receive a notification when a user wins the sale.

27) What happens if my lot is unsold?

If a lot you have given to the auctioneer is unsold, it is called "swallowed". You can either retrieve it or ask the auctioneer to present it for sale a second time. 

28) What about transport costs?

Shipping costs are not included in the sale and are due directly to the carrier depending on the solution chosen by the buyer.

29) What can I sell?

Any movable property may be presented for sale by an auctioneer.

30) What can't I sell really?

Any object that is not prohibited by law or international conventions from being sold.

31) My SEPA direct debit is still not activated. What should I do?

If you have chosen SEPA direct debit as your payment method when you register, please note that it will take 6 to 7 business days for the payment to be validated by your bank. While waiting for this validation, you can proceed by paying by credit card.

32) I am asked for my ID card when I pay

Indeed, as part of the fight against money laundering, an identity document is mandatory for purchases over 2500€. But the auctioneer can ask for an ID regardless of the amount of the buyers' purchases.

33) What should I do if an error message appears when I pay by credit card?

We recommend that you check that you have not exceeded your limit over 7 sliding days or the 6 to 7 working days for the SEPA direct debit to be validated by your bank. You can always opt for a bank transfer.

34) I can't find the objects on the site

In this case, check if your internet connection is working properly. It may be a network problem.

35) I want to sell all the furniture in my house/apartment

Bidtween and its network of auctioneers can take care of the sale of all the furniture in your home. You can contact us at the following address: contact@bidtween.com.

36) How to manage Bidtween emails?

If you want to personalize your emails, go to "my account". Then check/uncheck the notifications you want to receive.

36 bis: I don't receive emails or Bidtween notifications?

Check your spam or junk mailbox.

37) Is VAT recoverable?

VAT is recoverable under certain conditions. To find out more, we invite you to contact the relevant Sales Office.