Your delivery

Easy custom delivery

Congratulations!  You won the object of your dreams. You can now choose how you want to access your purchase.We will always find a solution for you.


Buy and get your goods delivered with our trustworthy partner Upela

Bidtween allows you to come and collect your object at the auctioneer's where it has been assessed then stocked safely.

If you wish, you can also compare express transport leaders all around the world thanks to our partner Upela.

Go into your account, find the lot you have paid in your past orders, the lot is in the pending deliveries section, click and choose your delivery option ! Select the way you want to collect it, it is as simple as that.

Our customised solutions

If none of these solutions suits you or if the object cannot be delivered by Upela, you can get in contact either with the auctioneer who will be able to give you a transport option or with Bidtween support team which will be pleased to suggest you partner carriers through