How to sell at auction in France ?

To sell at auction, you need an auctioneer, the most important person that guarantees the sale goes well.

To estimate your objects and to put them on sale, it's right here !

You need to get rid of your old things stuck in the attic for so long and you would like to sell them at a good price but you have no idea what they are worth. The best is yet to sell them at auction to get the fair price.

With their serious law and cultural skills, the auctioneers that lead this type of sale will be able to bring you precise answers as they can estimate and sell everything.

As advisors, they will give you their opinion on the possibility to sell an object at the appropriate price according to the era, place of origin, technical or historical characteristics of the item.

Accuracy being essential, the sellers need to have guarantees that the auctioneer will give them an accurate estimate. And interesting fact, in France, an auction sale is submitted to the highest regulations on how to sell goods.

Great qualification for great auction

As a token of quality and expertise, in France, auctioneers have an important educational background to reinforce their knowledge and abilities. Indeed, there is a difference in the level of education between different countries. For example, in the USA, only a high school diploma is required to be an auctioneer and in England you don’t need any qualifications to practise. 

French auctioneers must have passed both a degree in art and in law. Only the Germans demand, as the French, their auctioneers to be authorized by the administration and to be qualified.

Besides, to settle in France, the auctioneer must pass an exam to enter a two-year internship that must be recognised by an other final exam. The extent of the auctioneer's skills is vast and goes from legal matters to the history of arts completed by the practise of estimate and judicial sales. The organisation of the auctioneers' professional training is insured both by the french voluntary sales committee and the national chamber of judiciary auctioneers. 

In auctioneers we trust

Auctioneers are the mandate between the seller and the buyer to assure the authentication of goods and a secure estimate. At every auction, goods are authenticated by auctioneers : proof of security and transparency.

This is the auctioneer's duty to advise, to be loyal and to bring more judiciary safety to the client. The auctioneers assess and estimate artworks with the greatest exactitude to offer the best guarantee to both the buyer and the seller. This is what differs from a private online sale where the sellers give a price they have chosen themselves without any authentication. 

Moreover, a French auctioneer is still responsible for the sold item five years after the sale. Then, the buyer can turn against the auctioneer in case of litigation.

Everything is under control

In France, auctioneers are subjects to judicial supervision to guarantee safe and reliable sales. 

This is the Conseil des Ventes Volontaires (CVV for voluntary sales committee) that insures the regulation of the sales and gives accreditation to the auction houses to sell goods and artworks. Therefore, the CVV enforces auction companies to have at least one of their managers, associates or employees to be a qualified auctioneer.  

As the Conseil des Ventes Volontaires plays an authority and a disciplinary role for auctioneers, the CVV can condemn and then punish breaches to respect the law, the rules and professional obligations.

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Thus, any item that can be found on Bidtween is authenticated and assessed by auctioneers. They are qualified and certified professionals. Then, the website users can ask in good faith an auctioneer to estimate objects they would like to put on sale.  If you want, you can get an estimate of your objects by clicking here.