How to clean and keep your Hermès Kelly bag in good condition ?

Here are our advice to recognise and keep your precious Kelly bag in good condition.

The little history of the « Kelly bag »

The iconic Kelly bag owes its reputation to a little anecdote. In 1956, as Grace Kelly is leaving the airport, she tries to hide with her bag her belly growing up from the paparazzis. At this very moment, rumours on her first pregnancy turn to be true and the famous bag becomes a star.

Created by the house Hermès in 1935, this bag drew its inspiration from the model « Haut à courroies » invented for horse riders to put their saddle and boots in. Women costumers who order the bag call it under the name of « Kelly bag ». Hermès decides then to rename it this way in 1977.

A Kelly bag for everyone

The « Kelly » was first created in five different colours : brown, black, red, green and blue. Nowadays, the model exists in more than fifty colours. The pink and the grey ones are best-sellers. The most sold sizes are in : 25, 28, 32, 35 and 40 cm.

Most of the Kelly bags are made of noble matters that need to be treated with great care : in leather or in crocodile for the great majority. 

With its trapeze shape, its little padlock, its doubled inner leather and its studs fixed on the bottom, it requires a craftsperson more or less twenty hours of work to make this model. Many criteria that should encourage you to care for your bag with lots of love.

How to recognise a real Hermès Kelly bag ?

It is important to make sure about the authentication of a Kelly bag before buying it. Hermès does not issue any authentication certificate, it is then necessary to be able to identify the true bag from the fake one with these few inscriptions :

The brand logo is on the clasp, on the golden part of one of the strips and also on the padlock coming with its keys.

A carved letter matching the bag’s year of production must be printed by the craftsperson on the strip’s leather.  

Inside the bag, the zipped pocket is marked with an « H » and the name Hermès is carved on the zip.

Our advice to clean you Kelly bag

A Kelly bag is a must-have and a must-have needs to be taken care of. In order to do so, there are several advice to keep your bag in good condition and to clean it without ruining it.

Don’t rub the leather which is fragile and clean it with a cotton and makeup remover.

Use stain removers with great caution and always try the product on a hidden side of the bag.

Run away from humidity and heat and try to dry rapidly the bag in case of contact with water and keep it far from any heat source.

Avoid distorting your Kelly bag by putting tons of useless things in it and put it in its slipcover once it is clean and full of silk paper.

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