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Version 17/12

To use the BIDTWEEN services, the User must acknowledge and accept these General Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale of the BIDTWEEN platform. By clicking on “I accept the GTCUS of the site”, the User acknowledges having read, before the conclusion of the contract, these GTCUS and declares knowing them and accepting them without reservation.   

BIDTWEEN is a SAS with social capital of 226.500€, listed with the Company and Trade Registry of Nanterre under the number 824 400 220, with headquarters at 49 boulevard Saint Denis – 92400 Courbevoie.

BIDTWEEN is the Service proposed by SAS BIDTWEEN.

These GTCUS aim to define the rights and obligations of the Users in the context of their access to the Service. 


Buyers:designates the natural and legal persons that have full legal capacity to buy an Object put to sale or, r in the case of an auction, successful bidders.  

Successful Bidder: designates the Bidder in an auction that wins the sale of a Good or a lot at the end of the auction.   

General Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale (GTCUS): designates these Terms and Conditions that govern the contractual relationship between, on the one hand, BIDTWEEN SAS and, on the other, the Sellers and the user Buyers of the Platform. 

Special Conditions of Sale (SCS): designates the sale conditions specific to each sale and/or auction sale implemented by a Seller and detailing the terms and conditions of the sale.  

Informational Content: designates content of all nature (image, video, interviews, news. etc) implemented by BIDTWEEN SAS for the purpose of informing the User of ongoing or future sales, linked to the Objects offered for sale, excluding all information and content belonging to Sellers.  

Contract:Designates these GTCUS, as well as any Special Conditions of Sale or document constituting the entirety of the agreements between a Seller and a Buyer.  

Bidders: designates the participants, natural or legal persons, to a sales auction. The last bidder is called the Successful Bidder and he will become the owner of the Object or lot offered for sale. 

Estimate: designates the value determined by the Seller, an expert and/or an auctioneer or a voluntary sales operator, which is usually within a price range.   

Opening bid: designates in a sale, the amount fixed by a Seller for the acquisition of an Object or to begin the auction. 

Object:designates all tangible objects or lots announced and offered for sale by a Seller. 

Bid:designates the price that a Buyer is ready to pay for an Object put to sale. 

Voluntary Sales Operator: designates, in accordance with Articles L321-1 and following of the French Commercial Code, the natural or legal persons, such as auction houses or auctioneers, as well as court commissars or any person legally empowered to direct an auction sale, that organise and realise voluntary or judicial public auction of movable property.

Platform:designates all the materials, software, operating systems, database environments and services offered by BIDTWEEN SAS through a website accessible at the address  www.bidtween.comor an app for smartphone or tables. 

Service: Designates all the services proposed by BIDTWEEN SAS on the Platform.

User(s): designates together or separately the Sellers and user Buyers registered on the Platform having concluded a contract with BIDTWEEN SAS in order to access the Service.  

Seller: designates the natural or legal (especially, antique dealers, auctioneers, experts, gallery owners, voluntary sales operators) and all other persons offering for sale on a regular or commercial basis an Object on the Platform, as well as those who confer to an auctioneer or voluntary sales operator the mandate to sell one or more of the Objects belonging to him, individually or as a lot, in order to sell them through an online sales auction on the Platform.     

Auction Sale: designates public auction sales of the Object as defined by Article L321-3 of the Commercial Code and which may be either sales for which Bidders have the freedom to set the amount of their bids and / or sales for where the bid amount is automatically incremented by a specified amount. 


2.1 – BIDTWEEN is a technical platform implemented by the company BIDTWEEN SAS, freely accessible through the website  https://www.bidtween.comand/or through an app for smartphones and tablets. BIDTWEEN allows Users to participate at a distance, electronically, to sales and/or voluntary public or legal public auctions that are organised. BIDTWEEN is not a Seller or Voluntary Sales Operator. The Platform is an intermediary that connects Sellers to Buyers by offering them a space to present the Objects put to sale, under the form of a marketplace and/or an online auction space. BIDTWEEN collects and deposits the price of the sales, offers Informational Content, as well as Ancillary Services, but is not party to the sales contract that unites a Seller to a Buyer.   

2.2- BIDTWEEN allows Sellers (i) to announce or to communicate information about the Objects that they have put up for sale on the Platform, (ii) to organise sales (fixed price sales or upon bids, auctions, shared or not, with a theme or not), (iii) to share information concerning the Objects for sale: essential characteristics, state, price, original piece or not, edition, date and time to bid, etc.   

BIDTWEEN allows Buyers (i) to freely consult the sales spaces organised through the Platform, (ii) to buy or to participate simultaneously or not to multiple sales, without limitations, by buying or making offers, on a case by case basis, (iii) to receive information concerning the Objects put to sale and specifically their essential characteristics, state, price, original piece or not, edition, date and time to bid, etc.  

2.3- BIDTWEEN allows also the Users to use a Personal Space that allows them to consult, depending on the case, their personal data, their invoices and any ongoing regulations.  

2.4 – BIBTWEEN also supplies Ancillary Services consisting specifically of the informational services on the sales and/or auctions, discussion forums, filters (favourite objects), rapid auctions, virtual meetings between the Users and the Sellers with the option to preview the Object in order to consider selling it, information on the results of a sale, comparison charts for carriers, etc.    

2.5 - BIDTWEEN supplies also editorials highlighting topics or objects sold on the site, completely independently. BIDTWEEN is also an OTT TV channel that broadcasts sponsored and non-sponsored programs on the topic of the sales of objects organised or not by the Seller (collector’s pieces, auction sales) and promotes the objects sold on the website. The channel, as a publisher, decides on the programming and other editorial choices, and the treatment of the programs, independently.  


3.1 – The BIDTWEEN Service is reserved for natural persons of age or legal persons in possession of legal capacity.  

3.2 - Registration: To use the BIDTWEEN Service, the Users must register beforehand on BIDTWEEN and create an account on the Platform. Access to the BIDTWEEN Service is made by logging in with a username and a password. During the first registration to the BIDTWEEN Service, the Users chose a username. A temporary password is attributed by BIDTWEEN. During first connection to the Service, the Users will be invited to modify this password and to choose another one. Users can create as many accounts as they wish, at their own responsibility. The Users supply also a valid email address. This address will be used for all electronic communications between the parties. The use of the Service requires an internet connection and a recent browser and computer equipment. The browser must be configurated so as to authorise the implementation of cookies for each session. The Users are informed that the Service is optimised for display on the following browsers: Safari, Firefox and Chrome.    

3.3 – Creation of an account: To create an account, the Users must supply the information requested by the registration form, “Seller” or “Buyer”, the fields marked with an asterisk being obligatory. The creation of an account implies the supply and constant update of the user’s complete identity, his postal coordinates, for Sellers and legal persons, the supply of a KBIS and for the Buyer, full banking information.  If this information is not provided, a valid account cannot be created. The Users declare that they are supplying correct, complete and updated information and undertake to update or modify this information during use, as applicable. Users are informed that they are exposed, in case of false declarations, to the sanctions foreseen by Article 441-1 of the Penal Code.   

3.4 – Users have an obligation to preserve the confidentiality of their username and password. BIDTWEEN assumes no responsibility with regards to any damages caused by the fraudulent use of their online spaces.  The users undertake to notify immediately BIDTWEEN of any non-authorised use of their account. All lost passwords will be reset by BIDTWEEN upon request. An access code to the Service will be communicated and confirmed by email. BIDTWEEN reserves the right to not respond to any abusive demands made by the User for the modification of their passwords.   

3.5 - BIDTWEEN reserves the option to suspend and/or delete the accounts of Users in cases of violations of these GTCUS or if the Users violate their contractual and legal obligations. The Users can only suspend access to their accounts after paying for all their purchases on the Platform.  


4.1 – Obligations of the Sellers: 

4.1.1 – Sellers that organise one or more online sales on the Platform act as professional sellers. They are entirely responsible for the sales that they organise or for the offers proposed and provide warranties for the Objects offered for sale. They use online spaces at their sole responsibility, even in the event of shared sales. For this purpose, they are obligated to respect the following conditions: 

·The announcement of a sale on the online space must indicate the full and correct coordinates, the corporate name, headquarters or their office address, phone and fax number and email address. 

·If an Object that is for sale is posted online, it must be done so only if its announcement includes all the pre-contractual information required by law: description and representation (photos or animated images) of the Object, its essential characteristics and specifically its size, colour, origin, state, price in euros, specifics of its authentication, whether it is an original piece or not.    

·If they are not the owners of the products they are putting up for sale, the Sellers undertake to conclude before any sale/auction any authorisation of sale with the Owners of these Objects, while respecting all applicable laws. It is specified that these owners may remain anonymous. 

·In the event of sales with reserve prices or bids, the Sellers remain free to accept the offer of the highest bidder and the transactions will not be finalized until after the acceptance of the bid. The Sellers are obligated to accept an confirm their offer within five days. 

·The Sellers undertake to deliver the Objects presented on their personal online spaces and are prohibited from delivering objects that are not those sold.  

The sellers will be held liable in the event of fraudulent declarations, authenticity error, if they put up for sale forged Objects or if they execute poorly their contract or for any other mistake that damages the Buyer.  

It is reminded that the Sellers are not subject to any obligation of exclusively on the Objects that they offer for sale on the Platform. BIDTWEEN may nevertheless demand priority and/or a period of exclusivity if BIDTWEEN implements exceptional promotions, whether in written, graphic or audio-visual forms. 

4.1.2 – The Platform allows, under certain conditions, the conducting of online public auctions reserved for Voluntary Sales Operators. Not all Sellers can organise online public auctions. It is reminded that that Sellers that organise online public auctions act as professional sellers subject to the specific obligations of the Voluntary Sales Operators pursuant to Articles L321-1 and following of the Commercial Code.  BIDTWEEN is not a public auction company. BIDTWEEN is online electronic brokerage platform and thus does not intervene in the auction process. For these sales, the Sellers undertake to respect the specific obligations regarding public auctions and specifically to provide information on the Object, fix an estimate and authenticate the Objects put for sale, as appropriate.    The adjudication concludes the Sale. Sellers must also lay down the Special Conditions of sale that must be accepted a priori by the participants to the sale as they establish the nature of the sales auction (free, rapid or automatic bids) and their contractual terms of sale to know if they are free, fast or automated. Sellers are responsible for reminding the users of the auction houses the regulatory obligations tied to auctions and specifically for cultural Objects, where the right of first refusal belongs to the State.   

4.1.3 – Sellers can only stop a stale in cases of force majeure whose reason must be communicated to BIDTWEEN as soon as possible. 

4.2 – Obligations of the Buyer:

4.2.1 – Buyers that make purchases or make a bid through the Platform undertake to honour the purchases that they make, especially with regards to the prices that they propose. 

The Buyers have the option to buy on Object put for sale online, either through a Fixed Price Sale, or through a Sale based on Bids. 

In case of Fixed Price Sales, the Buyers can choose to buy the objects proposed at the prices fixed by the Seller, directly by clicking on the corresponding purchase icon. The validation of the purchase is effectuated after the acceptance of the cart. Sales are absolute once the price is paid. 

In case of Sale based on Bids, the Buyer has the option to issue a Bid within a price range fixed by the Seller, or to submit a free bid. In this case, the Sales will not be considered absolute until the Seller has accepted the bid. This acceptance must happen within 5 days.  

4.2.2 –Buyers have the option to participate in online public options organised by Voluntary Sales Operators on the Platform. These Voluntary Sales Operators are mandated by the owners of the Objects that they have put up for sale and organise their public auctions in accordance with Articles L321-1 and following of the Commercial Code. Participation in a public auction gives the title of Bidder. A bidder may participate at the same time in one or multiple auctions and bid on multiples sales. The bid consists in placing in an online auction room an offer consisting of a price. The Bidder that has not paid a lot may continue to bid on the lots that he has already bid on, but cannot bid on a new lot. At the end of the bid, if the bid of a Bidder corresponds to the Highest Bid, the adjudication will be carried out at the benefit of this Bidder. The Adjudication impliesthe payment of the amount of the auction to the benefit of the Successful Bidder, without delay of retraction. 


5.1 – Any Purchase made through the Platform by a Buyer is automatically noted to BIDTWEEN who receives the amount and deposits it until repayment to the Seller. The payment is made through credit card or bank transfer from the bank account of the Buyer, as supplied during his registration or any updates made on the Platform.  The payment corresponds to the sales price, plus all fees, commissions and applicable taxes and notified beforehand to the Buyer in the spaces of the Seller or for specific sales, like auctions sales, during the signing of the sale in the Specific Conditions of Sale.  Payment by the Seller triggers the issuing of a receipt of the sale price by BIDTWEEN. BIDTWEEN deposits the received payment for a duration of 30 (thirty) days following the delivery of the Object to the Buyer or its retrieval. 

5.2 – The payment services of BIDTWEEN are supplied by Mango Pay https://www.mangopay.com/fr/ and are subject to the respect of the terms and conditions of use of the services of Mangopay. https://www.mangopay.com/terms/MANGOPAY_Terms-EN.pdf By using the services of BIDTWEEN, the User agrees to the use of Mangopay services. 


6.1 – BIDTWEEN is not responsible for the retrieval or delivery of the Object sold through the Platform. It is the Seller’s responsibility to fix the terms (period, place, penalties in the event of delayed retrieval, type of transportation) in accordance with the law and to communicate them beforehand to the Buyers in the spaces where the Objects are presented and, for public auctions, on the Specific Conditions of Sale.  It is remined that the maximum delay for delivery is 30 (thirty) days. The retrieval or delivery cannot be made until the Buyer has fully paid to BIDTWEEN the price of the Object and BIDTWEEN has sent confirmation to the Seller.  

6.2 – BIDTWEEN proposes to connect Buyers to external service provides, partners of BIDTWEEN, if they wish to use certain types of packaging, transportation or delivery services for the acquired Objects. These paid products or services will be paid directly by the Buyer to the service providers. BIDTWEEN cannot be held responsible for any delays or failure of delivery of an Object.  


7.1 – In accordance with Article L121-21 of the Consumer Code, for all online sales on a Platform acting as a “marketplace”, but not auctions, all Buyers have (14) fourteen full days starting from reception of the Object to exercise their right to withdraw.  Within this period, the Buyer must inform BIDTWEEN, in the section reserved for this purpose, of his wish to withdraw by using the withdrawal form availble through the following link contact@bidtween.com

7.2 – If the Object has not yet been sent, BIDTWEEN will proceed upon receipt of the withdrawal request with the refund of the sum paid by the Buyer. This refund will take place within a period of 14 (fourteen) days starting from the day of the reception of the decision to withdraw.  If the Object has already been sent or is on its way during the reception of the withdrawal notification, the return fees for the Object will be paid by the Buyer, who will respect the transportation instructions supplied by the Seller.  The refund will take place within 14 (fourteen) days. BIDTWEEN will nevertheless be authorised to withhold the refund until notification by the Seller of the proper reception of the returned Object. 

7.3 - By way of derogation from the provisions of ordinary law on online sales and pursuant to Article L121-21-8-11° of the Consumer code, sales made through public auctions are immediately payable, without right to withdraw.  It is the Seller’s responsibility to remind in their Specific Conditions applicable to auction sales that these sales do not benefit from a right to withdraw. BIDTWEEN cannot be held responsible in cases of “failure to inform.” 


8.1 – Buyer Guarantees: All Buyers guarantee having the legal capacity that allows them to acquire the Objects offered for sale and to have the necessary funds to do so. The Buyer uses his online space under his sole responsibility and guarantees to BIDWEEN that he is the only one accessing the data stored on his online space. 

8.2 – Seller Guarantees: The Seller guarantees that the Objects that he puts for sale: 

·Are not encumbered by any third-party rights that might prohibit their sale, nor are they forgeries or objects whose origins are illegal;  

·Are presented as such and the information supplied on these Objects are correct. 

Furthermore, if the Seller is not the owner of the Objects put up for sale, he guarantees: 

·Having ascertained the ownership of objects offered for sale on the BIDTWEEN platform; 

·that he is duly authorised for this purpose; 

·Having informed the owner of the Object of the fact that the Object has been offered for sale on the Platform. 

8.3 – The Seller further guarantees that he is in possession of the all the intellectual property rights for all the images, records and catalogues or that he has all the authorisation of the owners and beneficiaries so that these images, recordings and/or catalogues, in whole or in part, can be reproduced, represented and shared under any form (photo, video) on the BIDTWEEN platform and on the BIDTWEEN OTT. 

8.4 – Accordingly, the Seller guarantees BIDTWEEN against any action, reclamation, claim or opposition of any person invoking a material or intellectual property right on the objects offered for sale and undertakes to indemnify BIDTWEEN of any claim formulated against it or for all damages and condemnations formulated by third-parties because of one or more auction sales that have taken place on the BIDTWEEN Platform. 


9.1 – BIDTWEEN as a service provider benefits from a specific liability regime that covers hosts, as fixed by Law   n°2004-575 of 21 June 2004 to support confidence in the digital economy. Furthermore, BIDWEEN is not a seller and does not take part in the realization of the sales whose responsibility rests with the Sellers. In particular, BIDTWEEN does not intervene in the decision of the prices, the conduct of the Offers, the setting of any additional charges, such as transportation fees for the sold Objects.   

9.2 – The description of the Objects, with regards to their state, their lawfulness, their quality or their authenticity or compliance does not engage the responsibility of BIDTWEEN.  

9.3- BIDTWEEN’s liability cannot be engaged, directly or indirectly, as a result of the damages suffered by the Users or their equipment, resulting from:  

·An interruption of the PLATFORM independent of the will of BIDTWEEN and/or resulting from improper conduct or not;  

·Any incident or interruption of the Platform caused by a malfunctioning and/or inadequacy of the equipment, materials and/or software and infrastructures used by the Users; 

·Cases of Force Majeure; 

·The unauthorised intrusion of a third-party in the computer system of BIDTWEEN causing the diffusion of a harmful software; 

·commercial injury, loss of clientele, loss of orders, business issues, loss of benefits, loss of image. 


10.1 – The Service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, all over the world. BIDTWEEN reserves the option to change, modify, suspend, or prohibit, without prior notice, access to the Site for maintenance reason or for any other legitimate motive. BIDTWEEN reserves the right to block access to registration in certain regions. 

10.2 – The unavailability of the Service does not give rise to any compensation at the profit of the Sellers or the Buyers. In case of prolonged unavailability of the Service, the Users will be informed and invited to make their dealings through alternative means. 


BIDTWEEN has implemented security measures regarding the identification of the Users, the confidentiality of their data and the integrity of the information stored and transmitted. BIDTWEEN undertakes to take all useful and reasonable precautions to preserve the security of the data collected from the Sellers and, especially, to prohibit them from being distorted, damaged or accessed by non-authorised third parties. 


12.1 – Users are informed that the elements of the areas of sales and/or auctions are protected by intellectual property rights, thus, they are prohibited, under civil and penal sanctions on forgeries, to reproduce or have reproduced the creations, works, objects or elements protected by intellectual property rights, in whole or in part, temporary or permanently, by any means, known or unknown, on any type of support, most notably and not limited to, all internet sites, intranet network, audio-visual services, messaging,  removable media, decentralized exchange services  or peer-to-peer services, all products or publications of any nature.  The users cannot use, without prior written agreement, any extracts or video programs edited by the BIDTWEEN channel. Furthermore, BIDTWEEN is a protected French label registered with French Intellectual Property Institute (INPI) under number 4253396.

12.2 - BIDTWEEN authorises the implementation of hypertext links including deep links to its pages, with the exception of those containing public information or elements protected by intellectual property rights whose re-use is subject to specific conditions or to the payment of a fee.  The explicit mention of the site and its address https://www.Bidtween.com in the heading of the link is imperative. BIDTWEEN reserves the right to request the deletion of a link that it deems as non-compliant with the purpose of the site. The site proposes links towards websites over which BIDTWEEN has no control. BIDTWEEN disclaims all liability with regards to the contents of these sites. 


13.1 – Purposes of Processing: The personal data collected on the BIDTWEEN website are subject to automatic treatment. BIDTWEEN is the collector of the files in accordance with Law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978, so-called“Computing and Freedom” and of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016, so-called “GDPR”.  BIDTWEEN collects personal data at various occasions, especially during registration on the Platform, as well as during the use of the Service. These data are used for the needs of the various services and features proposed to the Users through the site and in relation to the conclusion, the management and the execution of the sales. 

Declaratory personal data are those data supplied by the concerned persons through registration or contractual forms. BIDTWEEN considers all principles of data minimisation. As a result, only data that is pertinent, adequate or limited to what is necessary for the purposes of their processing are collected.  

Declaratory personal data that are obligatory are marked by an asterisk * on the medium that collects them.  Other data are optional, but may limit access to certain services or products proposed by BIDTWEEN or features proposed on the Website. 

The data collected may be transmitted to partners or affiliates of BIDTWEEN for the needs of relevant services or for direct marketing purposes.  All persons having access to the personal data of the Users are obligated to an obligation of confidentiality. These persons include authorized persons within BIDTWEEN, providers and affiliates. The providers of BIDTWEEN may also need to process personal data that is strictly necessary for the supply of the services that are trusted to them. These providers are subject to the same obligations with regards to the respect of personal data and their protection. The providers of BIDTWEEN may also address to the Users offers by email, unless they oppose such mail.    

13.2 – Categories of personal data processed: Users are informed that the categories of personal data processed in their online space concern specifically the management of access to the Site: 

·Email address;

·Chosen username;

·Chosen password;

The use of the Services and its features: 

·Marital status;

·Family name, preferred name or first name; 

·First name(s);

·Home or mobile number;

·Mailing address;

·Bank details.

Other personal data may be collected in accordance with the profile of the User and the use of the site. Users are invited to consult the legal notices page of the Platform where this information is detailed

The personal data communicated to BIDTWEEN are necessary for: 

·Recording information related to the Seller and the Buyer; 

·Managing the accounts of the Sellers and the Buyers; 

·Collecting payments;

·Receiving offers from BIDTWEEN or from any of its partners;

·For statistical purposes.

The personal data is saved for as long as the Users are bound by contract to BIDTWEEN. These data are deleted upon termination of the contract. 

13.3 – Exercise of rights: Every User of the Platform has the right to access, rectify, modify or delete the personal data concerning him. Therefore, he can ask the rectification, completion, clarification, update or deletion of the data that concerns him that is incorrect, incomplete or whose collection or use is prohibited. Each User of the site may exercise these rights: 

·Through a dedicated page accessible through his email and password,  

·Through the recording of the various operations on its data via the export function available on the site,

·By contacting contact@BIDTWEEN.fr

·Through each email received from BIDTWEEN,

·By sending a letter to the BIDTWEEN’s address at 49 boulevard Saint Denis – 92400 Courbevoie 


In case of dissemination of information on the Site, of whatever nature it may be, the Users undertake, under penalty of compensation to BIDTWEEN or under penalty of exclusion from the Site, to not engage in behaviour: 

·Contrary to public order or principles of morality 

·That is abusive, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, revisionist or harmful to the honour or reputation of someone else;    

·That incites discrimination, hate towards another person or group of persons because of their origins, sexual orientation, their belonging or not to a specific ethnicity, nation, race or religion; 

·That threatens a person or a group of persons; 

·That is degrading or that violates another human being or his integrity; 

·That incites crimes, infractions or a terrorist act or glorifies crimes of wars or crimes against humanity; 

·That invokes the public’s generosity (donation);

·Allowing third-parties to obtain directly or indirectly forgeries of works of the imagination;  

·Violating the private life of someone else or correspondence secrecy; 

·Violating someone’s right to one’s image. 

Generally, Users must adopt a courteous and respectful conduct, especially with regards to other members of the Site. 

Users are informed that in case of a request by judicial authorities, BIDTWEEN is authorised to transmit all login information allowing for the identification of the Users if they are identified as being at the origin of illegal content or conduct.  


These General Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale may be amended at any moment, without notice, in response to the changes made to the Service, the evolution of the law or for any other legitimate reason. The version of the General Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale established between the parties is available on BIDTWEEN’s website. BIDTWEEN reserves the right to edit the Specific Conditions of Use for some of the services that complete these General Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale.  


For any dispute that may arise from the interpretation or execution of these terms, the parties agree to apply French law. The parties will subject their disputes to the exclusive competence of the competent courts. 

Version of 17 12 2018