Sylvie M.S.-the victory-2018

Sylvie M.S.-the victory-2018


80 x 60 cm-2018-Acrylic and charcoal

This painting won the 1st prize of the competition "painter in their workshop" in the framework of the artistic meetings of Villecresnes (94) in 2018, contest on the theme "EMPTY/full-solid/empty"

Empty of sense the canon of beauty Photoshop size 38 in the vise of which the woman tries vainly to lock herself/full of life this body brimming with generosity and rich in its history, which exceeds the frame to better be admired in its magnificent singularity. In the series of "codes", according to the "woman carrying the world", we have the "victory" of one who frees from the aesthetic codes imposed by her time to better love herself even.

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75009 - Paris

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