Panther-Rose Agathe Steiner

Panther-Rose Agathe Steiner

Outstanding Panther in Nature-size resin by Rose Agathe Steiner. 

CATWOMAN scratched ME (title of work)
According to the artist, it is a male named Spike
In addition to having a visibly unhappy adventure with CatWoman, the tag at the bottom of the back "black Spy" suggests the link between Spike and Black Panther (the blue is similar to that of Black Panther)
So Spike would be from the Marvel family, to follow... Sic

Epoch: 20th century 

Material: Resin 

State: Good condition

Transport on quotation 

Video presentation with our expert, it's here.


Rose Agathe Steiner

Rose-Agathe Steiner is native to the Loire and comes from a fairly affluent environment. She explains that the street and all that ensues such as rap, skateboard (and by, after, ATV and motorcycle), tags and graffiti will become very quickly its playground {...}

  • Price 1900€

  • Reference Object #16155


75009 - Paris

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