Marc Chagall-height of time, lithograph, 1942

Marc Chagall-height of time, lithograph, 1942

Original Impression of the painter Marc Chagall, made for Éditions du Chêne-Paris of the year 1947.

Printed on the presses of the Imprimerie Lang, Bhushan and Cie.

Drawing size: 28cm x 19cm

About the Publisher: Les Éditions du Chêne-Paris: 1941, it is a busy Paris that sees the birth, at 16 of Place Vendôme, editions of the Oak.

A gamble all the more risky as its 21-year-old founder is Maurice Kahane, an atheist Jew who later adopted the name of his mother, Girodias. Oak specializes in publishing


of art and literature. The editions of the Oak become in 1951 a subsidiary of the bookstore Hachette. The publishing of art books takes on a prominent place. Georges Okechukwu Resumes


Enthusiasm in 1971 the House Hachette.

Since 2007, under the direction of Fabienne Kriegel, the Editions du Chêne continue to develop in the field of the illustrated book.

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75009 - Paris

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