Joe Colombo-Tube Chair-1970-Flexform Edition

Joe Colombo-Tube Chair-1970-Flexform Edition

From its original name "Tubo", the Tube Chair was created in 1969 by the famous designer Joe Colombo. Flexform Edition.

Of 1970, in black cloth, it is in very good condition.

Maximum Length: 115 cm

Width: 62 cm

Height: 66.5 cm

Neatly sent in his original bag.


The Tube Chair, of its original name Tubo is a 1969 creation of the Italian designer Joe Colombo.

It is in 1969 that this armchair is created by the Italian company Flexform SpA. The chair is created during a time when designers are fascinated by the future and the new

Technologies, inspired by the modern movement. Its name, Tube Chair, comes from its variable composition made of four tubes with different diameters.

The cylindrical tubes, which make up the structure of the Chair, are of different diameters (one of Forty-nine, one of forty, one of thirty and one of seventeen centimetres). They can therefore

be inserted into each other. The whole thing is thought to be able to sell with a canvas bag, allowing the owner to carry it and assemble it in the desired place.

The cylindrical composition allows a variable positioning. That is, it is possible to change the arrangement of the four tubes in order to create a new position for the comfort of the user, from the long chair to the chairs with shorter files. It is also possible to assemble several kits. This principle of assembly connects to the concept of "all-in-one" that inhabits

The Italian designer.


Joe Colombo

In just 20 years of career, Joe Colombo has revolutionized the design and forms of individual habitat. So much so that it became emblematic of the golden age of Italian design. In the years 60, Joe Colombo multiplied concepts and ideas, between modular furniture and housing "cells". Back to the life and work of one of the geniuses of the {...}

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