Jacques Halbert-Painting-2009

Jacques Halbert-Painting-2009



Acrylic on paper arches 

56 x 77.5 cm

Signed on Back


Jacques Halbert (born 1955 in Bourgueil) is a French contemporary artist.

He attended the Brassart school and then the Bourges School of Fine Arts. In the years 80 he left to live in the United States. He bought Art Café in New York city where he organized numerous exhibitions, including Ken Friedmann, Ben Worthy, Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, before opening the Magnifik Gallery in the late 90. Jacques Halbert is currently living in France since the years 2000.  

His art is characterized by two guidelines: performance and painting. His plastic work is reduced almost exclusively to apply one or more cherries on a monochrome canvas. Jacques Halbert himself defines this neo-Dadaist and often parodic posture of the artist's figure as "a manifesto of Good taste".

  • Price 1200€

  • Reference Object #16706


75009 - Paris

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