Helmut Newton-In my Studio, Paris 1978

Helmut Newton-In my Studio, Paris 1978

Very nice photo-lithograph by Helmut Newton

  From the rare Potfolio "Special Collection"

  Circa 1980

  Numbered in pencil

  Signature of the artist in the board

  Back annotations



Helmut Newton

Born to an American mother and a Jewish father on 31 October 1920 in Berlin, Helmut Newton will discover photography from an early age. He will learn the basics with the German photographer "Yva", which gives him his photographic style. In 1938 he had to leave Nazi Germany and moved to Singapore for a few years. After that, he migrated to Australia where he joined the logistics department...}

  • Price 890€

  • Reference Object #16679

  • Type: Contemporary photography

    Theme: Erotic


75009 - Paris

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