Elephant armchair Bernard Rancillac

Elephant armchair Bernard Rancillac

Mythic armchair Elephant
bernard Rancill
acCirca 19
66Numbered and signed on 100 Examr
esedited by Roudi
llonred glass fiber on base Aciersupe
rb condition

Very rare "elephant" long Chair, designed by French artist Bernard Rancillac in 1966, produced in France in 1985.

This Chair is the thirtieth of a small production of 100 copies made in 1985. A very rare find that would certainly attract attention in any interior, but that could also be used very well outdoors or, for example, at a swimming pool. It is made of a single piece of fiberglass, shaped like an elephant, while retaining all the important features for a comfortable seating experience. The solid base is made of Red lacquered metal. It's signed "Rancillac, 30/100" underneath.

In good condition of origin with minor wear compatible with age and use, preserving a very beautiful patina.

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Bernard Rancillac is a French artist, painter and sclptor, born in 1931 in Paris where he still lives and works. "Rancillac works as a painter; He quickly succeeded in overcoming the dependence on the photographic document and recreating, by the transposition of space and photographic lighting in equivalent terms, but in painting. Its color palette is divided into contrasting planes with vivid accents. Their articulation in the spatial organization of the canvas always follows a strict sense of rhythm and measurement that could be an example even for the masters of geometric abstraction. This stylistic attitude situates the figurative work of Bernard Rancillac near the cold abstraction of the hard edge. He opposes the figurative art of the years 1950, which avoided the worries of the time by an expression more interested in the past, in search of a lost rusticity, and having lost its meaning. The practice of Rancillac is at the crossroads of art history and art history; the fact that he has always expressed life through art and makes art live, with determination and without compromise, refusing pictorial conformism, by the most accessible means to those who are generally the most disadvantaged in the arts, will always be recognized as a great merit of the artist.

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75009 - Paris

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