Ethan Bang-bang-storm under a beret-027-2018

Ethan Bang-bang-storm under a beret-027-2018

By Ethan Bang Bang

Storm under a beret-027 


30 cm in diameter 

On thick metal panel, Loft Way Patina 

With this 27th work dedicated to the 50th Christmas of the Shadoks, Ethan is the first to Incarnate Professor SHADOKO who must answer the crucial question: "ESTC-what is pumping is cheating"? 

The answer perfectly baffles a sailor Shadok, who alcoholic for the occasion Hips! 

Ethan's recurring motto is also present: "If, at 50 years, you have no work of Shadoks, you have missed your life":) 

Drawing to the Poscas

Shiny Finishes 

All works are authenticated by hologram 

Belongs to the PUMP POP ART Collection

  • Price 390€

  • Reference Object #16176


75009 - Paris

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