Ethan Bang-Bang-pump POP ART-KEITH Pump-008-2018

Ethan Bang-Bang-pump POP ART-KEITH Pump-008-2018

 Ethan Bang - Bang

  Pump POP ART-Pump KEITH-008

In the PUMP POP ART collection of Shadoks by Ethan Bang-bang


Drawings with Poscas and aerosol-gloss varnish bombs

Support: Cotton Canvas Pre-printed on chassis-the composition of the canvas is personalized by the artist and exists only in one copy

20 x 20 cm

Neat shipment with artist's certificate

Comment by the artist:

Here the Shadok sailor visibly in love with the pots of paint as much as Keith HARING offers us GA BU MEU ZO to expose his work. »

  • Price 119€

  • Reference Object #15293

  • Characteristics

    Format: 40 × 40 × 10 cm

    Weight: 4 kg


75009 - Paris

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