Ethan Bang-bang-pumping is not counting-016-2018

Ethan Bang-bang-pumping is not counting-016-2018

Pumping is not counting-016


Poscas drawing on vintage fire panel in rigid composite solid

Shiny Finishes

34 x 28 x 0.5 cm

All works are authenticated by hologram

Comment by the artist:

With this 16th work dedicated to the 50th Christmas of the Shadoks, Ethan proposes to us again particularly original supports: ambiance Loft assured!

In this new motto, the Shadok tells us "It's not because one and one are two that two and two have the right to do four": No how:)

Then he entrusts us with his personal motto: If at 50 years old you have no work of Shadoks, it is that you have missed your life...

  • Price 250€

  • Reference Object #16149


75009 - Paris

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