Ethan Bang-bang-philosophy by Professor SHADOKO-2018

Ethan Bang-bang-philosophy by Professor SHADOKO-2018

By Ethan Bang Bang


Philosophy by Professor SHADOKO 

Signal board mounted on his foot says "Lyonnais"

97 cm with this foot in perfect black matte state.

Work Dimensions 67 x 60 x 2.5 cm

In the PUMP POP ART collection dedicated to the 50 years of Shadoks; The great scholar, Professor SHADOKO, delivers a very strange deposit: 

"It's better to pump even if there's nothing going on that's going to risk something worse by not pumping":) 

Ethan adds to the composition his personal motto applied to his vision of the Shadoks: if, at 50 years, you have no work of Shadoks it is that you have missed your life...

  • Price 390€

  • Reference Object #16177


75009 - Paris

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