Ethan Bang-Bang-BARBATRUC MYSTERY 001-2018

Ethan Bang-Bang-BARBATRUC MYSTERY 001-2018

Ticket worked on both sides: a Barbapapa and a Barbamamá


On authentic golden PASCAL ticket with fine gold (a 24 carat gold leaf on each side).

Shiny Finishes

All works are authenticated by hologram

Drawing to the Poscas

Dimensions: 9.7 x 18 cm

Comment by the artist:

The Barbapapass re-emerge from Ethan Bang Bang felts, absolutely modern, in ultra Pop-Art mode and virtually banned under 18 years of age; That is, Ethan makes us question

about what happens "below the belt" of these adorable creatures.

In the aftermath, he created the verb to diform, a fanciful Franco-English grammar to describe the potential transformations.

  • Price 190€

  • Reference Object #16150


75009 - Paris

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