DHDLP-I know what you are thinking-2018

DHDLP-I know what you are thinking-2018

I know what you are thinking


32 cm x 23 cm

Paper Collage on cardboard. Original. Unique room.

Black and white Collage. I don't often do black and white because I don't think of them as colors. I realize them in general on commissions.

This one is an example of the atmosphere of the moment, where the word Brexit is on all languages and in the head of everyone.

Born in 1968 in Neuilly sur Seine, Delphine haukøy de la Potterie/DHDLP A

First was a lawyer before becoming an artist. These two backgrounds, far from being

antagonists According to her, have in common the imagination and the meaning of the words.

For personal reasons, DHDLP moved to Asia and then to England,

and therefore can no longer exercise his profession. She then resumed studies in the

Design this time. Bathed from childhood in an artistic environment, she

Passionate about the colors and decide to put this passion into the

Interior Design department.

With his new profession, DHDLP created regular mood boards, which

Triggered his love for collage.

Little by little, aware of the impact of the colors associated with the words, its

Collages have become his means of expression.

Witnesses of a time in perpetual evolution, she apparent her collages to

Newspaper articles.

DHDLP's work is imbued with his vision of the world, rich in his life

Abroad, his past as a lawyer and her deep love for colors.

  • Price 120€

  • Reference Object #15124


75009 - Paris

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