Christophe Stouvenel as "KIKI"-No Sense Anatomy-2018

Christophe Stouvenel as "KIKI"-No Sense Anatomy-2018

NO Sense-2018 

Technique: collages, ink and mixed technique on paper a grain 300 GRS

Dimensions: 24 x 30 CMS

Signed by the artist with are certificate


Cut out thumbnails, paste stickers and drop ink stains... This is how Christophe Stouvenel says "KIKI" defines his series No sense.

of surrealistic inspiration and Dada, all parts of the idea of assembling on grain paper, in the manner of a child but with the rigor of an adult, such disparate elements as shreds of

Old papers or scores, tickets for rides, old labels, negative photos etc... And this without any direct relationship between them.

To these chosen elements, carved, glued, organized, the artist "collagist" for the occasion, adds in a random way ink stains from china and stickers of colors.

With this choice of expression format for his "No Sense" (which he structures all in the same way, under the same type of framing in Matt Black, and without ever naming them), "KIKI" makes

  • Price 99€

  • Reference Object #16666


75009 - Paris

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