Blackened wooden Cabinet-XVII th

Blackened wooden Cabinet-XVII th

Important cabinet in blackened wood, carved from the 17th century. 

Partly high the cabinet which is entirely from the 17th century, The facade is composed of drawers and two winds carved from two female busts; Enclosing a splendid theatre of exotic wood inlay, composed of a multitude of drawers. In the background of the theatre there is a charming oil on wood representing a French Garden. 

The lower part is more recent we date of the 19th Century. 

The cabinet drawers have all been restored. 

It should be known that this firm has a very interesting provenance because it comes from the private collection of Jacqueline dedo, a great collector and was Sacha Guitry's third Wife. 

You can find this piece of furniture in the "BID-surprise" on thursday, October 4th. 

Epoque: 17th

Material: blackened wood, Precious Wood inlay

State: Good condition  




  • Price 6600€

  • Reference Object #14113


93400 - Saint-Ouen

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