Bert STERN-Marilyn Monroe, Orgasm (1962), signed photograph

Bert STERN-Marilyn Monroe, Orgasm (1962), signed photograph

Picture of Marilyn Monroe at the last session by Bert Stern.

Bert Stern realized in 2012 with Lisa and Lynette Lavender, with whom he collaborated over 20 years, a dozen unique pieces by enhancing the photos of the last session with


This photo is signed with red felt.

countersigned and dated on the back by the artists.

33 x 48 cm

An exceptional piece.

Pigment print

Perfect condition.


Bert Stern

He is known to have been Marilyn Monroe's last photographer. If the actress's "last session" marks the photographer's work, he is the author of many other clichés that have returned to history. Back to the life and work of Bert Stern {...}

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75009 - Paris

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