Bert STERN (1929-2013)-Rare black Dress (1962), 2011, signed photograph

Bert STERN (1929-2013)-Rare black Dress (1962), 2011, signed photograph

Exceptional photograph of Marilyn in her black Dior dress during her last session for Vogue magazine.

Black and white pigment print on paper in series very limited to 72 copies.

Signed on the front and back.

33 x 48 cm.

The Certificate of Authenticity was completed by Bert Stern who noted the title of the photo.


Bert Stern

He is known to have been Marilyn Monroe's last photographer. If the actress's "last session" marks the photographer's work, he is the author of many other clichés that have returned to history. Back to the life and work of Bert Stern {...}

  • Price 1990€

  • Reference Object #16931

  • Type: Contemporary photography, Portrait

    Theme: Celebrities


75009 - Paris

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