BENI-utopian car-2018

BENI-utopian car-2018


Utopian car


Oil and acrylic on canvas

130 x 90 CMS



Born in Tehran, Behnaz Fallah, called Beni, seeks to bring a colorful perspective and to breathe new life into the Art world. Self-taught artist, she draws inspiration from the richness of her double culture, French and Persian, to create works rich in mixed-weaving; Did Michel de Montaigne not say that "an honest man is a mixed man", and that it is necessary to "rub and

his brains against that of others? " His vision, which recognizes neither frontiers nor limits, reveals itself in the various styles of painting, which has used until today, from surrealism to hyperrealism, through abstract and "contemporary".

Beni continues to prospect, seek, advancing in his career, embarking on new projects, constantly challenging himself as an artist. His talent, and his willingness to

To share its colorful perspective with the world and the public, continue to grow and evolve.

Transport on quotation

  • Price 4900€

  • Reference Object #17385


75009 - Paris

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