André Courrèges-Sketch André Courrèges. Brown suit

André Courrèges-Sketch André Courrèges. Brown suit

Rare Project sketch for Brown suit

André Courrèges

Circa 1968

Rare period Document

Very stylish and decorative after framing

Perfect condition

Neat Shipment



André Courrèges

André Courrèges was born in Pau in 1923. Until the end of the war, he studied civil engineering in the capital Béarnaise, before travelling to Paris in the years 50. There he forms at sewing and works for Balenciaga. The young man stays 10 years with the Spanish couturier, learning all about fashion and his techniques. It is there also that he meets Coqueline barrier, which he marries in 1966 {...}

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75009 - Paris

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