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"When he casts his lively and mocking sound, this radiant world of metal and stone ravishes Me in Ecstasy and loves it with fury the things where the sound mingles with the light" The jewels, the flowers of evil. Baudelaire

Jewels and gems have fascinated at all times: adornments of Gods and Chiefs, loot of war, gifts of marriage, expression of refined and exquisite femininity, gold, silver, diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, these riches Mounted in necklaces, adornments, bracelets, earrings have a strong symbolism. The purchase of a jewel has only one mission: to make pleasure and to make pleasure.

Expressions of Divinity, power, feeling, jewels make messengers of meaning that far exceed their intrinsic value and exceptionality. 

At BIDTWEEN, we negotiate and bid on exceptional jewellery. The solution to buy jewel.

On Bidtween, the purchase of jewellery is easy! Whether they are auctioned or on a simple sale, you can bid and negotiate as much as you like. Bidtween is more than just an online jewellery store.

We offer you both men's and women's jewellery and for every occasion: find luxury jewellery and big brands such as Cartier, Bouchern, Van Cleef and Arpels, crack on the fantasy jewel you dreamed of as a child, let yourself be tempted by a Rare Vintage Jewel! 

BIDTWEEN finds the RARE gem for you!

Are you looking for a designer jewel, ethnic jewellery, trendy jewellery, glass beads or rock beads, a heart pendant, Creole earrings, a silver or gold rush? Make your request, we take care to find the not found for you! You help to find the perfect gift for Valentine's Day.

Do you want a stone color or a rare gem? On Bidtween, you will find beautiful diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, topazes, garnets, labradorites, Lapis, hématites, Aquamarine, agates of moon stones? ... are you rather amethyst or Citrine? Carnelian or Obsidian? Peridot or Onyx? There will be for every taste! or a very special jewelry line.

You also have to define what type of jewellery you are looking for and for what occasion: Is it an engagement ring or a little child's gem? Are you looking to offer a ring, a bracelet, a bead necklace, a choke collar, a pendant necklace, a cuff bracelet, a whole jewelry set, a gold pendant, earrings? Or you may have started several jewellery collections. 

Jewelry for sale? BIDTWEEN is your SOLUTION you want to resell your grandmother's engagement ring in pink gold or grey gold, your uncle's signet ring in yellow gold, the bracelet of your great aunt's pearls, the pendant earrings of your Great grandmother that you will not wear even for a big occasion or that you would trade well against a pair of silver cuff buttons?

Bidtween is the solution for you! Call on us and our experts to guarantee the authenticity of your parts and help you sell them! 

 Our lots are carefully selected by the estimation professionals. We take into account the quality of the lots put up for sale, their provenance, their different owners, the composition of the jewellery. The images of very high quality on our site can also be enlarged. You will be able to discover all the details of your precious jewel in one click. 


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