Easily buy Art with Bidtween. How to do it?

Buy art is the name of the famous site of Guillaume Horen, but it is also our will: to make you buy art, works of art to simply make you happy or to invest.

Buying art is a positive step and it is not necessarily costly. Acquiring quality paintings does not mean spending hundreds of thousands of euros and is not reserved for Gotha. At Bidtween, we like to make you discover artists at attractive prices and artists who count or who will count in the walk of art.

Unknown or known artists offered in online sales, but only works  "Coup de coeur".

You never bought a painting for yourself? Take a deep breath. Don't ask too many questions. You have returned several times to our online sales site to see and review a work in question. The price is right for you. You say you can still sell it, why not. There is only one step to climb. Our works are offered by professionals i.e. galleries or auctioneers. We know our sellers and we have great confidence in them. 

After you have spotted your work, register, enter your bank details visa, Master Card or your Iban. If the canvas is available for auction, check the estimate and start by registering your offer within the range of the estimate. If your bid is accepted, very well you have to wait until the auctions are displayed at the top of the picture of the table. You will be alerted by email or notification if an auction is made on your offer. You will then have to outbid if you want to continue the bidding game. Check out our FAQ to learn more about Bidtween's bidding system. 

For amateurs like you, Bidtween also offers to buy paintings with offers to purchase. The rules are simple: you indicate your price. If this amount falls within the vendor's trading range, your offer is accepted. 

Our sellers guarantee the works offered on our online sales site

Our site Bidtween offers objects of all types of art including paintings, paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs of posters and many other artistic works.  We only sell quality works. Bidtween is not a competitor of the galleries, nor of the merchants. He's a digital partner.

For contemporary artists, we select with our sellers the most relevant works. The paintings, the drawings that seduced the team. Like an online gallery or auction room, Bidtween wants to accompany you in your act of purchase. Buying contemporary art is not complicated.

Work at the heart: Painting has a history, but it's also your story.

Two solutions: The artist is not known, but you like his work. Take action. Listen to your heart. Then there are the famous artists and therefore with a rib. The prices displayed on our site take into account these quotes which are often based on the results of the auction. Prices are set by our sellers with the included fees (excluding delivery)

The painting

Our paintings are of any style, any period. We offer both classical works and modern and contemporary works. Our Master-mot, to each his work, to every work his buyer. Our paintings as all our works as sculptures or photographs come from all over the world. All types of paintings are represented. Our auctions offer you pastel paintings, watercolours, but also oil paintings, gouache, charcoal drawings and even ink. 

The sculptures

A category of work of art known and yet very little requested, the sculptures are also very varied in terms of style and time and of the material used. Few people dare to offer themselves a 19th-century sculpture for their house layout. Buying a sculpture today is a very original act and a very strong way of distinguishing itself from the ' mainstream ' decorative layout.

Graphic Arts

This is the most important category of artwork on Bidtween. These are often contemporary works and their originality rhymes with Oneness. It is in this category that we propose ourselves works of street art. 

Finally, we also offer drawings of artists, photographs and even official posters of major sporting events for example. 

Acquiring an array of street art gives you immense pleasure. Hanging out at home, an artistic delirium with or without a message on an atypical medium dresses your interior with a unique element that will provoke your guests to high-voltage discussions. 

You can buy a piece of street art for a hundred euros. 

In order to guide you in your choice and to allow you to find your rare gem, each work is carefully studied by experts. You benefit from a commentary by the artist for the work in the lot, a biography of the author, but also all the practical information such as the dimensions of the product to be sold or even its weight. Finally, whether it's for photographs or posters. 

In the light of all this information, you will be able to give the fair value to each art product we offer for sale. Do not forget to consult social networks to know the popularity of the artist. These are very interesting tools for contemporary artists.

The ' Art ' category of Bidtween is also the ideal place to find original and little-known products from the general public. These forgotten pieces have very often great value and the auctions allow to get them at price broken. 

All our works of art proposed on Bidtween have different values. So you will find the lot that can suit both your aesthetic requirements, but also your budget constraint. An auction finally allows finding the right product at a very often interesting price. 

Don't be afraid and seize your chance! Many sites sell online art, but Bidtween remains the cheapest site thanks to its integrated bidding system and the ability to make an offer directly with an instant response. 

You own a work of art in the category ' Art ' of our site? No problem, we offer you an estimate of your product by recognized experts! 

To finish, if you do not find your favourite work in this category you can visit the many other categories of our site such as rare vehicles, civilizations, fashion or even furnishings.


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