The paintings

Our paintings are of any kind. We offer both classical works and modern and contemporary works. Our Master-mot, to each his product, to each product his buyer. Our paintings like all of our works whether sculptures or photographs come from all over the world. All types of paintings are represented. Our auctions offer you pastel paintings, watercolors, but also oil paintings, gouache, charcoal drawings and even ink. 

The sculptures

A category of work of art known and yet very little requested, the sculptures are also very varied in terms of style and time and of the material used. Few people dare to offer themselves a sculpture 19èmepour the development of their homes. Buying a sculpture today is a very original act and a very strong way of distinguishing itself from the ' mainstream ' decorative layout.

The Pictorial Arts

This is the most important category of artwork on Bidtween. These are often contemporary works and their originality rhymes with uniqueness as our selection of works from Street art, urban art and Pop art.

To finish we also offer drawings of artists, photographs and even official posters of major sporting events for example. 

In order to guide you in your choice and to allow you to find your rare gem, each work is carefully studied by experts. You benefit from a commentary by the artist for the work in the lot, a biography of the author, but also all the practical information such as the dimensions of the product to be sold or even its weight. Finally, whether it's for photographs or posters. 

In the light of all this information, you will be able to give the fair value to each art product we offer for sale. 

The ' Art ' category of Bidtween is also the ideal place to find original and little-known products from the general public. These forgotten pieces have very often great value and the auctions allow to get them at price broken. 

All our works of art proposed on Bidtween have different values. So you will find the lot that can suit both your aesthetic requirements, but also your budget constraint. An auction finally allows to find the right product at a very often derisory price. 

Don't be afraid and seize your chance!

You own a work of art and want to sell it at auction in the category ' Art ' of our site? No problem, we offer you an estimate of your product by recognized experts! 

To finish, if you do not find your favorite work in this category you can visit the many other categories of our site such as rare vehicles, civilizations, fashion or even furnishings. 


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